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Metrolink gets an Art Deco makeover

Sam Luk was playing around with Art Deco design and came up with the rather amazing Metrolink poster below. You can read about the thinking behind it and his planned improvements to it here. Here at Manchester Transport we love … Continue reading

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Manchester bus times Android app now available

The latest app to spring from the recently release GMPTE bus timetable data is an app for mobile phones using the Android operating system. Timefinder is based on the beautifully simple mobile website we mentioned recently (which has also had … Continue reading

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The first Airbus A380 Superjumbo at Manchester Airport: Video roundup

Manchester was abuzz yesterday when the first Airbus A380 to land at at Manchester Airport on a commercial flight, in what will now be a daily occurrence. Plenty of people caught the event on video and here are some of … Continue reading

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Trafford Centre and Stockport Metrolink lines back on the agenda

They’ve been a long-held aspiration but have never quite made it beyond the drawing board. Now it appears that the Metrolink extensions to the Trafford Centre and Stockport are on the cards again. The Manchester Evening News reports that the … Continue reading

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The X57 Factor: Stagecoach Manchester searches for a star

Stagecoach Manchester is currently running a youth-focused campaign to crowdsource ideas for getting more young people onto buses. As part of Get on the Buzz, they’re running a competition to find “The Face of Stagecoach Manchester”. All you need to do is … Continue reading

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East Didsbury gets direct Airport bus link, Bluebird cuts back plus more September changes

East Didsbury hasn’t had a direct bus link to Manchester Airport for several years, but that’s going to change when a swathe of service changes kick in next month. Among the numerous changes for next month listed on GMPTE’s service … Continue reading

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Find your next Manchester bus using your phone’s camera

Here’s something to impress your friends with – the ability to see where your next bus is supposed to be just by holding up your mobile phone. It’s only two weeks since GMPTE released the city region’s bus timetable data … Continue reading

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Some perspective on GMPTE complaints

As well as covering Greater Manchester transport news, one thing we want to do at Manchester Transport is cover what others are saying too. Today Omnibuses has some perspective on a recent Manchester Evening News report that GMPTE received 1400 … Continue reading

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First simplifies Langley bus service, plus more changes on the way

Langley, near Middleton, has long had a bit of a confusing bus service from First but that’s about to change. The 123 runs one way, the 124 the other and you catch a 123 from Manchester but a 124 back … Continue reading

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Victoria Station revamp shunts forward

If you’re a regular user of Victoria Station you’ll probably be anticipating the day it gets a modernisation to bring it on par with Piccadilly Station. Although you may have thought government spending cuts could have put the project’s future … Continue reading

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