First simplifies Langley bus service, plus more changes on the way

Langley, near Middleton, has long had a bit of a confusing bus service from First but that’s about to change.

The 123 runs one way, the 124 the other and you catch a 123 from Manchester but a 124 back in. This got even more confusing recently when Monday to Saturday daytime buses got diverted via Cheetham Hill and evening journeys were renumbered 122. From 29 August, First will replace the 122, 123 and 124 with a simplified new service 18. This runs direct via Rochdale Road and anti-clockwise around Langley.

The service, detailed in the notes from GMITA‘s Bus Network and GMPTE Services committee last Friday, will run every 10 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, every 15 minutes during Sunday daytimes and hourly during evenings.

Other forthcoming changes include First’s services 67 (Cadishead – Manchester) and 100 (Warrington/Iram/Trafford Centre – Manchester) being reduced from every 10 minute frequencies to every 12. The Monday to Saturday 24 (Manchester – Rochdale) journey at 2010 is withdrawn and various Wigan services also see changes.

There are also several changes to the subsidised network, including a recommendation to cut service 63 (Brookhouse – Manchester) to run between Peel Hall and Manchester only during Sunday daytimes due to traffic causing delays. There’s also a recommendation to strip the 171(Withington Hospital – Newton Heath) back during Sunday daytimes to run Millgate Lane – Newton Heath only. various Stockport and Tameside service will also see changes over coming weeks.

You can read up on all the proposals in GMITA’s PDF file here.

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