GMPTE complaints breakdown

Following on from Martin’s earlier post on complaints to GMPTE, a commenter over at Omnibuses blog showed interest in seeing a breakdown of the complaints. Happy to oblige: some intrepid snooping around documents on the GMITA website combined with the power of Google Chart API, here’s a visual guide that we hope might shed some context on things.

Comments breakdown

Number of complaints to GMPTE down by 22% on the same period the previous year.

Feedback method

Complaints by mode

This is the number of complaints received by GMPTE – does not include any complaints made directly to the bus/train/Metrolink operator.

Annual passenger journeys by mode

Shows a roughly equal split of complaints when compared to how many journeys are made by each mode of transport.

Comments by district

Bus complaints by category

Roughly static but a large increase in the number of buses failing to stop, according to GMPTE.

Compliments by category

[Data from Customer Comments report]


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One Response to GMPTE complaints breakdown

  1. patrick Ludden says:

    I’ve waited one hour for number 98 on church lane Whitefield this has happen two in a week and it is rediculas have to wait that long for a bus the driver’s don’t care if there late or not I don’t know what cand of bus services you care running but it’s not very good

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