Some perspective on GMPTE complaints

As well as covering Greater Manchester transport news, one thing we want to do at Manchester Transport is cover what others are saying too. Today Omnibuses has some perspective on a recent Manchester Evening News report that GMPTE received 1400 complaints about services in 6 months.

It’s well worth a read and as one commenter there notes, “I used to have the job of processing those complaints … on average, about half those received came from just one nutter …”


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24 Responses to Some perspective on GMPTE complaints

  1. I’d just like to point out that I’m not the nutter (probably!) 🙂

  2. D9000 says:

    Unless you used to live in Chorlton and were obsessed by bus drivers smoking, no, you probably weren’t the nutter. (He actually turned up at Magnum House one day to ask why none of his complaints had been acted upon – all I could do with them was forward them to Stagecoach, who binned them – and I had to get security to escort him from the premises).

    • Mike says:

      as the time on his card may allow him to do so. So at the final stage he will have to be late. Another fault of GMPTE time schedule.

    • Mike says:

      I will add on the top of this just to explain, If the driver can be 1 minute before the arrival time and up to 5 minute late, and the time for arrival is 12.30 so the driver arriving there on time and departure time is 12.40. h has got 10 min for a quick smoke. the next stage may be 5-10 minutes away. so he must be there at 12.50. If you get stock in traffic jam or you have a number of passengers getting on/off between stages you must be late. This is what GMPTE do not care about.

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  4. gary stelfox says:

    I live in a village called Delph and the bus service here is by far the worst I have ever had the misery to use. I am on my final warning at work through bad time keeping and being on a 3 month trial period Iam also stressed to say the least. I have lived in Sweden Holland & Thailand ( which is a third world country ) and their public transport system makes GMPTE look as it is disgraceful. even making a complaint is a nightmare !!!

    • Mike says:

      hi, all I can say as I know the business a little bit, GMPTE states all rules and I am now looking for the way (if anyone can help) how to complain on GMPTE. It is not necessarily a Bus Company fault. Imagine this: you have 2 stands, one bus arrives at 12,33 another two at this same time 12.34 all three use this same stand. If all three take on time the stand and wait as allowed 5 minutes one is blocking all bus station as the stand is the one in front of the entrance of the bus station. Now if the last bus block the entrance all other buses can take other stands in us station and must wait. this is a common problem in Oldham Manchester bus station stand B. Do you think GMPTE supervisors did anything with it? I can tell you they did NOT! I am thinking bout giving a written complain to Oldham City Council. As I am fed up with the situation. The timetable may be rescheduled.

  5. Danny Hargreaves says:

    The 348 from Ashton under lyne to carbrook is NEVER on time, I sat there 30 mins the other day before 1 came and then 2 come at once, and I av just waited another 23 mins, people have stuff to do, and they wud be there on time if the bus drivers didn’t stop for a FAG in carbrook all the time……!!!!!

  6. Chelsea says:

    The 370 bus is NEVER on time, I get this bus as it is the fastest route for me to get to college, i usually get the 8:35am bus which may I add is NEVER ON TIME, I am still currently waiting for the bus and it is now 9:05am meaning two busses havent came. This is a disgrace and needs sorting out asap!!!!!!!

  7. Sarah Kienker says:

    Concerning the 626 and 625 GMPTE services in Wigan, on the last few sunday services, including remembrance sunday and sunday 25th of November, the midday and first 2 bus services on 25th/Nov did NOT even bother to show up, and when asked why the first two buses had not shown up, a very rude and clearly uncaring bus driver simply replied to the lady with crutches ( -who’d waited for an hour with me for the same bus) ‘ Not my problem, love” … Disgusting service. He could have atleast apologised on behalf of the company he works for, even if he truly believed it was not his or their problem they’d failed to notify every customer that their bus would not be arriving that morning, as scheduled….. terrible service.

  8. Natalie says:

    I am very unhappy. The bus driver at 3.08am at the side of gay village, stopped for me then drove straight off… I was on my own in the centre and I’ve had to wait 1 whole hour to get home… Your bus drivers are very insufficient and this is not the first time this has happened to me… There is something you MUST do about this issue, it is immoral, unlawful and very disrespectful, especially late at night.

    • Martin Bryant says:

      Sorry to hear that, Natalie. We’re just an independent blog so have no say in how buses are run. Out of interest, what operator/route was it?

  9. Bryan Peace says:

    Waited from 8:35am to 9:15am on 21/5/13 for service 25 on Charlotte St, Manchester, as a result of missing bus i lost a days work, buses seem to run when they like, no thought for the public,

  10. beckie says:

    How cn u let idiots put the wrong bus timetables in the wrong bustops!

    It clearly states on the bustop outside the a and e department at crumpsall hospital that the 53 first to bellvue then on to Salford quays stops there at 2 mins and 32 mins past each hour, updated as of march 2013 I sit a wait for 2 hours for the bus only to phone first for them to tell me that it is wrong and it goes from the main entrance. Numerous occasions this has happpened and I am sick to the back teeth of cock ups ur supposed to be providing a public service!!!!!!! Aswell as this I get past from pillow to post between First and first as of whose to blame get put through to a guy called Barry and he Dnt answer wats the poinIn havin incompitent staff in positions of importance!!!!!

    • Mike says:

      another GMPTE fault not bus company/operator. As a fact they do not care about passengers. No need to blame First/Stagecoach or any other provider.

  11. mr webster says:

    the buses are purely run for profit there needs to be a robust passenger based overseeing body that means bussiness .people need to get petitions up. the standards of service have seriously deteriorated . if i had to go for any company it would be stagecoach . too much growth of big companys means in most cases complacancy public transport is a nightmare .

  12. Amy says:

    I am furious with GMPTE,I am a teenage girl and when I’ve been out with my friends I have to sit at the bus stop alone and wait for the bus,THAT NEVER COMES,the times on the time sheet are wrong and are no where near the time that the bus finally arrives every night,I was waiting at the bus stop tonight for 33 minutes and not one bus turned up yet there were supposed to be 2 in the time I was waiting there,according to the time sheet at the bus stop,absolute joke!

  13. fred sith says:

    would some one in authority , please instruct bus drivers , that White H-Bars across private access
    driveways are not BUS STOPS . and that DRIVERS are commiting a road traffic offence if they do and they can get points on their licence and a fine. Wigan to Ashton buses are the biggest culprits .
    Thank you

  14. Betty says:

    Hi to All, I would like to mention bus no X57 from Piccadilly to Woodford at 8:29, many times this bus is late but I do understand that they have a long journey to travel, some Good Drivers manage to pick up during the way and still be on time at the destination, but there a few Bad Lazy Arrogant Drivers who think they don’t need to be on time, and just drive very slowly and what makes matter worse, they stop where they shouldn’t!!! it’s X57-Limited stop/Fast way to city!!! so why do they stop on every bus stop possible??? If I did my job badly I would loose my job so why are they still driving doing the same mistakes? I was late for work twice this week and its only Wednesday 😦 If anyone from GMPTE are reading this, the bus Fleet No was 19391 at 8:29 from Piccadilly to Woodford this morning. You want people to take the bus? Run them properly!!!

  15. well i was on the bus today and there was a old lady that was blind getting of the bus and the bus driver went come on today and on my way home this girl was getting on the bus she stepped on and h closed the door ON HER FOOT and drove of she said can you open the door please he ignored hr sh said it again he opened the door and kicked her of the bus.two more things on said to me i will punch you face in and this boy was going up the stairs and fell down he broke his arm the bus driver did not even stop the bus.DON’T US FIRST GROUP THY ARE RUBBISH.

  16. Aida says:

    The 85 bus service in manchester is absolutely bad. Is understandable during the week when the streets are busy in the morning, but on weekends early morning is not excuse for any driver to be late 8.00 am in the morning. Last saturday i was in the bus stop more then 30 minute. All the street was quiet, no cars at all and from chorlton bus station to whalley range is not that long way. All the drivers having a break for a smoke and a coffee in the morning and i have to pay a taxi £10 to get work. Is going to be worser every week and i think somebody should check the drivers on weekends as well because if is happen again i will complain to the main people who deal with all thise problems.

  17. Bryan Peace says:

    8 February 2017 service number 104 did not stop at princess Rd/palatine Rd going to piccadilly , didn’t use slip road

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