Find your next Manchester bus using your phone’s camera

Here’s something to impress your friends with – the ability to see where your next bus is supposed to be just by holding up your mobile phone.

It’s only two weeks since GMPTE released the city region’s bus timetable data for use by developers. We’ve already seen buses moving on a map and a nifty timetable app for seeing when the next bus is due at your stop (both of which incidentally got a nice writeup in the Manchester Evening News yesterday). The latest app to arrive takes things to a new level of whizziness by using Augmented Reality.

To give it a go you’ll need to download the iPhone or Android app Junaio and then search within the app for the ‘GMPTE Buses’ channel. Then (as long as you’re in Greater Manchester) you should be able to see where the nearest buses are supposed to be around you just by holding up and looking at your phone’s screen.

The app has been developed by Paul Clegg who tells me that he is planning to add a ‘starting point’ and ‘destination stop’ to each displayed service’s description, as well as being able to find the nearest bus stop for the route you’re interested in.

We’ve come a long way in just a couple of weeks. Imagine what kind of apps and online services there will be in a few months. We’ve already heard talk of a more sophisticated service based around bus fares being planned.


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2 Responses to Find your next Manchester bus using your phone’s camera

  1. fidgetwith says:

    Nice looking app but shame once again developers have ignored the Symbian platform and only released iPhone and Android versions.

  2. This is a a great app! This would work well on all platforms i think!

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