East Didsbury gets direct Airport bus link, Bluebird cuts back plus more September changes

Photo by Pimlico BadgerEast Didsbury hasn’t had a direct bus link to Manchester Airport for several years, but that’s going to change when a swathe of service changes kick in next month.

Among the numerous changes for next month listed on GMPTE’s service changes page, the Hayton’s Coaches-run 44 (Manchester – Gatley) service is extended to Manchester Airport via Styal Road.

Meanwhile, in the north of the city region Bluebird withdrawing from the 181 and 182 Manchester – Shaw/Rochdale services where it has been competing with First ever since Stagecoach Manchester gave up the route a couple of years back. At the same time, the independent operator is boosting the number of journeys on its 72 (Manchester – Chadderton) service and extending evening/Sunday journeys on service 88 (Manchester – White Moss) to Middleton and renumbering them as service 80.

Elsewhere, JPT continues to spar with First by introducing evening and Sunday journeys on service 163 (Manchester – Bury), and services 195 and 196 (West Didsbury – Heald Green Circular) are rerouted to run between West Didsbury and Cheadle.

Many more September changes are listed by GMPTE, many of which we suspect are merely reflecting the end of Stagecoach and First’s summer timetables. Without full timetable information it’s hard to tell for sure. We’ll let you know more when we have it.

[Image credit: Ian Roberts]


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One Response to East Didsbury gets direct Airport bus link, Bluebird cuts back plus more September changes

  1. SF07 says:

    The 540 and 598 are both being reduced to every 15 minutes, although there is a extra 30 minute service between Bolton and Daisy Hill on the 540 to make it 6 buses per hour.

    The 159 will be restored to its full route and run by Swans Travel from early September. Finglands are restoring the old 157 route, as they re-number the X57 evening service to 157 due to the fact that Finglands serve all stops, unlike Stagecoach’s journeys.

    There’s a few changes in the Trafford area, with Arriva losing a few services. Go Goodwins are taking over the Sale services (252, 260-262, 266/267) from Arriva at the end of the month, Manchester Community Transport take over the 20 service from Arriva and extend it to Wythenshawe Hospital. MCT are also extending the 21 to Timperley replacing the 25.

    Rossendale have increased the 484 to half-hourly weekdays between Accrington and Bury, matching the Saturday journeys minus the Burnley extension.

    SLT are running a Monday-Saturday evening and Sunday daytime service on the 126 between Leigh and Trafford Centre. They’re also changing the 581/591/592/683 services by withdrawing the 591, re-routing the 581 and 592, running both to Bolton on Saturdays too and changing the 683 into a circular route with a 684 running the other way.

    Don’t understand Bluebird’s thinking with the 181/182. Change the timetable on September 11th and withdraw it two weeks later. I imagine the 72 will be increased to half-hourly and then adjust the timetable to fit in with the 84.

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