New names for (old) Metrolink stops

Frank Sidebottom reports that G-MEX Metrolink stop is to be renamed in conjunction with the opening of the MediaCityUK spur later this summer. It does seem somewhat unfortunate that it couldn’t have been done to co-incide with the rebranding of the stop itself, but we suppose it’s cheaper to replace a few signs at one stop than it is to change all the maps and literature on all the trams and at all the stops and on all the ticket machines. The only problem is that the new name is a bit of a mouthful – “Deansgate-Castlefield”. It’s better than what we thought it might be called as “Manchester Central” implies a much greater importance than the station actually merits, but we wonder what’s wrong with plain old “Deansgate” like the adjacent railway station?

Whilst talking about renaming Metrolink stops, we’d like to publicise the suggestion made on the Skyscraper City forum that a new stop on the forthcoming Droylsden line should be renamed before it opens. “Cemetery Road” is a rather unfortunate name for a stop so close to an old people’s home. The actual location of the stop is closer to “Sidebottom Street” – so what better way to give a little nod to one of the city’s favourite sons, Frank Sidebottom, who passed away earlier this year? It’s not quite Timperley, but we think it would be a fun gesture.

[Image credit: “Little Buz Aldrin” by Jo Peattie on Flickr]


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5 Responses to New names for (old) Metrolink stops

  1. Rob says:

    Hmm, how about ‘Deansgate for Castlefield & Manchester Central’?

  2. Presumably with “Deansgate” in big letters and “for Castlefield & Manchester Central” appearing in smaller letters underneath? Sounds like a reasonable compromise to me. People will probably still continue to call the stop G-MEX though – in similar fashion to how I still refer to the NYNEX Arena 😉

  3. Rob says:

    Correct, that’s how I imagine it – think it makes sense for the stop name to match the railway station name, as I think it makes the interchange between the two clearer for passengers. An alternative would be to call it ‘Castlefield & Central’?

    I’d like to see Trafford Park Railway Station renamed too, something like ‘Stretford Moss Road’ and ‘for Trafford Park’ in small lettering below it?

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