Trafford Centre and Stockport Metrolink lines back on the agenda

They’ve been a long-held aspiration but have never quite made it beyond the drawing board. Now it appears that the Metrolink extensions to the Trafford Centre and Stockport are on the cards again.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the lines are included in a draft of the Local Transport Plan document, due to be presented to the government in March next year.

The proposed Stockport line would run on from the forthcoming Didsbury extension of the currently under-construction Chorlton line. The Trafford Centre line, meanwhile, would serve Old Trafford stadium and Imperial War Museum North en route.

No funding is yet in place for either line, but it’s good to see that they’re still on the local government ‘wish list’. Other items included in the document are other recurring nuggets like smartcards, rapid transit routes and a new Stockport interchange.

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8 Responses to Trafford Centre and Stockport Metrolink lines back on the agenda

  1. Never seen the point in the extension to Stockport (nor to Didsbury either) as it has plenty of bus services from there which are just waiting to be used.

    Stockport could certainly do with a new interchange. The connection between railway station and bus station is rubbish.

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  3. The traffic in the centre of Chorlton always seems terrible – the Metrolink should offer a much faster (and more frequent) service than a 23 bus trundling down Barlow Moor Road!

  4. Tanvir Hamid says:

    When the Trafford Centre was being built during the mid-90’s & opened 12 years ago (September 1998), this Metrolink line should already have been in place instead of now having to dig up the land around the place again to accomodate it.

    It should be like Meadowhall in Sheffield where you have a bus, tram, and train interchange all in one, anyone who has been there will know what I am on about.

    As for the Stockport Line, they have been saying that for 11 years but again nothing has happend & is there any point when you have the 192 bus passing through there all the time!

  5. Paul says:

    ‘Investment in Public Transport’ and ‘Stockport’ are mutually exclusive terms, an oxymoron. Chorlton will soon have a MetroLink connection and an extension of that, to Didsbury and possibly to Parrs Wood, may have merit but no one is going to get a tram from central Stockport to Piccadilly via Didsbury and Chorlton when 192 buses are seamless in rush hour, and any decent train journey takes a mere 10 minutes. Quite simply, unless the MetroLink extension to Stockport extends to the east of the borough (Woodley, Romiley and Marple), it will be wasted money.
    Stockport’s proposed interchange interests me too. The word ‘interchange’ suggests that the bus and railway stations are in close proximity, allowing passengers to flow quickly and easily from one to t’other. Lesser minds than Einstein’s can see that having them a quarter of a mile apart in distance and 150 feet apart in height – as they are now – does not lend them to the free and easy transfer of passengers. Consequently, unless someone can devise a way to make the viaduct ‘kneel’, the bus station must must relocate up the hill to the railway station. The present Grand Central leisure park, which needs major investment, is the ideal place. I wonder if the transport planners have spoken to Grand Central’s owners, Targetfollow, to discuss a mutually beneficial swap of land; “You have our bus station, and we’ll have your leisure park”. When the MEN reports that discussion taking place, I may begin to believe I will see a tram in Stockport before I see St Peter.

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  7. says:

    Link Stockport to Ashton, Stalybridge and beyond using existing railway lines a small link up to the new metro link track in Ashton could be an inexpensive option and open up other routes to the city centre . What about a link from the existing rail line at Marple, Woodley to Portwood?
    Stockport has had little or no investment in transport while areas all round have had huge amounts spent.

  8. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I can see a much bigger picture developing here. There will be Metrolink, currently under construction, in Ashton from Manchester by 2014, according to the TfGM provisional line opening data. The South Manchester line is under construction to East Didsbury, with a completion date of 2013, according to similar data.

    There are longer term TfGM plans for a continuation of the South Manchester line from East Didsbury to Stockport, so why not add the proposal in the posting by to this and carry on the extension to Marple, via Woodley.

    This would give an East Didsbury to Marple line with Stockport in the centre of this projected route? This is just a thought based on what TfGM say might happen in the future.

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