Hybrid bus update

Whilst there hasn’t been any further news about the new green Metroshuttle contract that will utilise electric-hybrid buses, it seems like we are on the brink of a hybrid revolution. Stagecoach are receiving 30 double decker hybrids to operate services 42 and 43 south along the busy Wilmslow Road corridor to Stockport and the airport respectively, and these have started arriving at the company’s Hyde Road depot. They are currently parked up behind the depot, their special green liveries quite noticeable from passing trains. Bus driver “Oldham 100” features some pictures of the new hybrid buses on his blog. They are due to come into use later in the autumn.

Meanwhile, independent operator Bullocks continues their track record of beating the larger operators at introducing innovations (they operated the first low floor double decker bus in Greater Manchester) by operating an electric-hybrid double decker bus on the 147 Oxford Road shuttle last week – only a demonstration model from the manufacturer, but they are expecting four similar vehicles.


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5 Responses to Hybrid bus update

  1. The Bullocks bus looks awesome. It’s such a shame they don’t operate more services – I’d never need to use that hospital route.

  2. Rob says:

    To say Stagecoach is investing in 30 green buses is a little misleading! The DfT’s Green Bus fund has provided the £2,786,886 investment, not Stagecoach. Same too for Bullocks, who were awarded £448,000 for 4 green buses.

    Still it’s good to see them starting to be used in Manchester. Not sure I like the use of green on the Stagecoach seats! The Bullocks bus looks smart. GMPTE were awarded £3,157,740 for 66 buses for use of subsidised routes – I hope they spread them out to all boroughs…

    • You are quite right Rob, much of the cost is met in the form of a grant from the DfT – I have amended the wording. Also, let us not forget that the operators will invest in training for supporting the new technology.

  3. Identical buses are operating in Oxford. Here’s a review of them

  4. Josh says:

    Take that London! Where the potential for hydrogen or hybrid buses has been wasted in favour of the smoke belching Boris Bus.

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