Manchester bus times Android app now available

The latest app to spring from the recently release GMPTE bus timetable data is an app for mobile phones using the Android operating system.

Timefinder is based on the beautifully simple mobile website we mentioned recently (which has also had a bit of a facelift since we last looked at it). Just enter your service number, the direction you’re traveling and your stop. The app then brings back the times the service is scheduled to pass you.

It’s definitely a handy tool to have and the only problem it currently has is that stops aren’t always listed in route order, making it sometimes difficult to quickly find the stop you’re interested in.

Still, this is the first iteration of the app and it’s sure to be improved with time. Its creators, Ben Webb and Josh Pickett, have been stars of the local news media recently, with a piece in the Manchester Evening News and a BBC Radio Manchester appearance recently. They’ve also been talking directly to GMPTE about their efforts.

For those with an Android phone, Timefinder is in the Android Market now as a free download. Everyone else can use the website.

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4 Responses to Manchester bus times Android app now available

  1. Rob says:

    This is a much improved version on the original. Will be getting an Android phone , and this App will be the first one I install on it!

    However, my keen eye has spotted two probs – firstly, not all the bus stops are shown on Google maps – e.g. on the 256 the Davyhulme Circle stop, Chester Road/Kingsway, and Gt Bridgewater St stop don’t have a bubble on them. Secondly, the times are for the summer timetable, which ended last week…

    • Martin Bryant says:

      Yes, the updating timetable data is an important issue – GMPTE is supposed to be updating its timetable data weekly but I’m not sure of the details behind this.

  2. Bearing in mind that this is a problem with the data rather than how the application uses it, I always check bus services that operate across the county boundary to see how the sticky tape is applied – I’m sorry to see that it’s still all too noticeable. However, the app itself uses a nice simple format that wouldn’t go amiss at the bus stop timetable displays themselves!

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