Altrincham Interchange development consultation

Proposed redevlopment of Altrincham Interchange

GMPTE has started a consultation on the planned redevelopment of Altrincham Interchange. It’s proposed that the old station building will be retained and renovated, along with the platform canopies. There will be a new footbridge for passengers as well. The main change will occur on the old forecourt where the bus station is located, with a new glass building replacing the current modular bus shelters. There will no longer be stands in the middle of the concourse, which ought to result in a wider busway that suffers less congestion and less pedestrian crossing points. With there being less departure stands however, it will result in busier stands with more departures which will surely require some sharp operating to minimise delays.

There will be a few events this month with staff on hand, along with permanent displays at Altrincham Library and Sale Waterside – full details on GMPTE website. If you can’t make it there but have an opinion, you can view the plan in PDF format and send an email.

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7 Responses to Altrincham Interchange development consultation

  1. Rob says:

    I’ve had a look at the new plan, and it seems quite an improvement. Something like this would look well in Piccadilly Gardens too.

    I am concerned about the lack of stands though, and the narrowing of Stamford New Road, although I think I’d need to see the actual plans rather than the PDF to judge . Some stands at present see few services, so I guess it’s possible to consolidate them, and having few stands means better opportunities to change buses if they arrive/depart at a similar time.

  2. Shaun says:

    I hope they do go ahead with the proposal. Always found Altrincham cramped and a bit gloomy, particularly in comparison to some of the newer stations such as Eccles, Hyde, Middleton and Oldham, and the new one at Rochdale and maybe Bolton to come. Even the TravelShop was small.

    Wonder whether GMPTE will look at building new stations at the other old major bus stations: Bury, Stockport, Wigan and Wythenshawe

  3. Watcherzero says:

    Funny you should say that, Bury Interchange is getting a new toilet block and deep clean, Stockport and Wythenshawe improvements are on the horizon though not firm yet, Wigan seems to be the odd one out despite 3 sets of redevelopment plans for merging the stations over the last decade.

  4. Simon says:

    I worked at Altrincham on the Metrolink replacements the other week. Its the first time i have been in that bus station for over 15 years. I love it. Its the way they should be. It would be a shame to change it into a horrid structure of Steel and glass like Shude Hill and Hyde and Oldham which are all cold feeling and not nice places to be. i say leave it alone it suits the area.

  5. Paul w says:

    Why do the PTE persist in re-building bus stations: nearly every one has been rebuilt at least once whilst the PTE have been on the throne. eg Bolton, Piccadilly, Ashton? The plans for Altrincham show a reduction in stands to four or are the other lay-over points to be stands and no layover area? Yes replace the bridge and the toilets, but we dont need all those millions spent on another bus station – especiall y at these times of financial reductions. What happened to realtime information at bus stops. There are stops at Broadheath which only have a clock working in the shelters- or has that stopped now?? Spend the money wisely!
    Paul W

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