Manchester ranked 4th least car dependent city in England

You may have read this week about Nottingham being declared the least car dependent city in England – the findings from a report by the Campaign for Better Transport. Manchester was in 4th place, behind London and Brighton & Hove but just ahead of Liverpool in 5th. Manchester owes its high-ranking due to being rated 1st for accessibility and planning and 2nd for cycling and walking, but was only ranked 7th for the quality and uptake of public transport – so there’s lots of room for improvement. In terms of future planning, Manchester gets a B+ rating, with praise for extensions to the Metrolink system and relief that road projects in the outer boroughs may not get funding in the current economic climate.

The north west seems to come out of these surveys pretty well: last year’s scorecard gave the region a rating of C+ and a score of 68%, which ranked it as the least car dependent region in England.


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3 Responses to Manchester ranked 4th least car dependent city in England

  1. Jonathan says:

    Second for cycling? This is Manchester UK yes?

    • James McCollom says:

      2nd for “cycling and walking” combined. Having seen just how pedestrian unfriendly bits of Birmingham are, it doesn’t seem quite as unlikely.

  2. qitar says:

    Glad to see Manchester so high on the list.
    Manchester itself it can be easy to go without a car, but I don’t think that applies to Greater Manchester.

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