A tale of two Pomonas

Whilst looking for images of the Metrolink signalling system, we stumbled across details of a Metrolink station called Pomona. Not the one on the Eccles line – this one is situated in the urban sprawl of Manchester’s twin city Los Angeles! Local commuter rail services there are provided by a train operator branded Metrolink, and they have a station downtown in the city of Pomona. There’s a certain mysticism surrounding the Pomona stop in Manchester: whenever we’ve been on an Eccles tram, nobody’s ever got on or off at the stop and its location is cut-off from any major developments. We wondered how its American cousin fared – so without further ado, let’s play Top Trumps!

Metrolink station in Pomona, California Metrolink station at Pomona, Manchester
Station Pomona, California Pomona, Manchester
Operator Metrolink (Amtrak) Metrolink (Stagecoach)
Location Suburb of Greater Los Angeles in Pomona Valley Under-developed dockland between River Irwell and Bridgewater Canal
GPS 34.059188, -117.75117

53.4652, -2.2781
Population 165,255 (city) 0 (“island”)
Annual rainfall 384.6 mm 806.6 mm
Average monthly temperature range 9.1°C – 29.3°C 1.3°C – 18.2°C
Line Riverside line Eccles line
Annual line patronage 1.28 million (2007) 3.25 million (2004)
Frequency 5 commuter trains a day in each direction, Monday to Friday only Tram every 12-15 minutes in each direction, daily
Rolling stock Up to 6 double-deck coaches plus diesel locomotive 2-car articulated electric tram
Layout Three platforms at ground level with high-level footbridge Central island platform on modern elevated viaduct
Facilities Unstaffed, 300 parking spaces, payphone Unstaffed, ticket machine, lift, CCTV, emergency call point
Architecture Mission Revival Style Bus shelters
Onward connections 10 connecting bus services to parts of San Gabriel and San Bernardino valleys as well as express service to Downtown L.A. None
Direct services to… Chicago via Yuma, Dallas and St. Louis, three trains per week on Amtrak’s Texas Eagle (about 2,700 miles) Eccles (about 4 miles)
Future plans Route of the Riverside line will be the first section of alignment for the planned California High-Speed Rail line between L.A. and San Diego Frequency set to double to every 6 minutes when MediaCityUK shuttle begins, also the location of the junction for the proposed Trafford Centre line
Wikipedia Pomona (Amtrak station) Pomona Metrolink station

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2 Responses to A tale of two Pomonas

  1. Rob Mortimer says:

    Every day… not one person on or off.

  2. It’s true – its a gateway to an urban wasteland and nothing else!

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