Snow laughing matter in hill country of Greater Manchester

Levenshulme bus stop in the snow, winter 2009/2010I freely admit: I don’t really “get” hills. The snow this week has been a bit of a nuisance to me, living in a flat place and commuting to a flat place, but generally I’ve been leaving on time and arriving on time. Things haven’t been as seamless for people living and travelling in the more hilly parts of the county though, where snowfall has been heavier. Saddleworth has been particularly badly hit, with disruption to bus services on Tuesday becoming more widespread today. Regional and long distance rail services have also been affected by the snow, with cancellations and delays on services across the Pennines and to/from Cumbria and Scotland. Tram services behaved pretty well today, whilst Manchester Airport saw several diverted flights today from London Gatwick and Glasgow after a brief runway closure last night.

With more snow expected overnight, commuters’ first call tomorrow morning should be the GMPTE website – although we’d recommend checking your local bus operator’s website (whoever that may be), the Metrolink website and the National Rail Enquiries website depending on your mode of transport.

[Image credit: “IMG_7744” by Laurie Pink on Flickr]


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2 Responses to Snow laughing matter in hill country of Greater Manchester

  1. D9000 says:

    Working from home is the way forward! There hasn’t been a bus through our village since Monday, and I really don’t fancy slithering down the hill to the main road to try and catch a bus which will come at who knows that time, and then be heavily delayed en route, only to do it all again coming home. Much better stay here.

  2. D9000 says:

    I had to go out today, and I saw an amusing side-effect of the weather: the fancy posh coloured LED destination screen on one of Bluebird’s new Solo SRs was completely misted up, so it was, apparently, going to Orange Blob on route number Blue Blob. Ain’t technology wonderful?

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