MediaCityUK trams limited to off-peak service

The saga of the MediaCityUK branch continues into the New Year. It was to be expected that there would be no services on weekends and Bank Holidays over the Christmas and New Year period, given that the complex is still being fitted out for its main tenants. Posters around the network are however advertising that Monday to Saturday services are only operating in off-peak hours between 10am and 4pm. “This is to allow further modifications to the signalling system which manages trams in and out of MediaCityUK” goes the official explanation, and is in effect until further notice.

Meanwhile, this extract of video filmed in November by Dave Spencer of PMP Transport Films gives some indication to our long-distance readers of how labour-intensive the operation of the branch has been since its opening. Although much construction and fitting out work has been done on the new branches to Chorlton and Central Park, we wouldn’t expect operations to begin until the signalling system around MediaCityUK has been proven robust.


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