News round-up

Hello Readers. The team has been jetting around of late but is settling back into things now. Meanwhile, here’s a short round-up of transport news from the past couple of weeks.

…meanwhile, we’ll post soon about bus service changes afoot in Wigan, progress on Bolton’s station upgrade, Bullocks’ new hybrids entering service on the Oxford Road Link, the latest on Metrolink construction progress – and possibly also what I did on my holidays!


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3 Responses to News round-up

  1. Shaun says:

    Could also add Stagecoach taking over the Metroshuttle route in Stockport from next week.

  2. Watcherzero says:

    Couple of stories in the last couple of days, the 2CC consultation next week, theyve changed the route since first announced and now St Peters Sq will be a 4 platform station. Also some low res video out of Mipim of the Victoria renovation which shows a 2nd story mezzanine with retail very similar to Pics concourse.

  3. James McCollom says:

    Thanks Shaun and Watcherzero – you’re pre-empting us a bit, which only shows the backlog! 🙂

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