Hybrid buses enter service on Oxford Road Link

Bullocks hybrid bus

More hybrid buses hit the streets of Manchester this week with the introduction of four new double deckers operated by Bullocks on the Oxford Road Link running between Piccadilly Station, the university and hospitals.

The new Volvo B5LH buses with Wright Gemini 2 bodywork will run side by side with their hybrid sisters already running on Oxford Road: Stagecoach double deckers on routes 42 and 43 along Wilmslow Road and Metroshuttle’s green line 2 minibuses. We’re setting ourselves up to be proved wrong, but we reckon the section of Oxford Road outside the BBC studios now sees the highest frequency of hybrid buses in the UK.

A nice touch to these vehicles are the cherished registrations, making use of the “BU11” prefix and based around the company name. It’s a little marketing ploy that has certainly worked with another bus operator in Greater Manchester: Jim Stones of Leigh with their BUS 1S and B1 BUS cherished plates amongst others!

My own photographs are a hurried affair taken with my mobile phone yesterday evening whilst I was waiting for a connection at Piccadilly station, but Flickr comes to the rescue: “Gobbiner” has shots of BU11 OKK and BU11 OCX, whilst Christopher Lowe has one of BU11 OCS. And if you can bear my snatched mobile shots, here’s a picture of the rear-end.

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2 Responses to Hybrid buses enter service on Oxford Road Link

  1. Watcherzero says:

    Noticed this in the minutes of the last Bus Network and Services Committee meeting 11th March:

    Emergency Item 14a
    Operator Activity In The Wigan Area 2011
    To inform members of the actions of an operator in the Wigan area that has had a significant impact on the subsidised bus network.
    (commercially classified)

    But notes on the decisions taken on the item:

    * Call a further officer meeting to discuss the issues going forward
    * Further advise on registration activity
    * Advise the GM Bus operators’ Association of the behaviour of one of its members
    * Conduct a review of this area to form a new strategy to better serve customer needs and prevent this kind of operator activity occurring again in the future

    • James McCollom says:

      I’ll take this into account when we do a write up of the May service changes (once we know what they are for sure!) – thanks Watcherzero!

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