Bus timetable changes from the beginning of April

With “faremageddon” looming large, thankfully the next major bus timetable changes aren’t until May* – though there are a small number of timetable revisions from tomorrow. In summary:

  • Strawberry Line 1 which grazes the edge of the county on its way between Skelmersdale and St. Helens has a route change in St. Helens town centre
  • Stagecoach peak hour service 145 which was extended to start from Cheadle Hulme in October 2010 is cut back to begin in Burnage
  • JPT withdraws its competitive evening journeys on service 163 to Bury via Heywood with First journeys unaffected
  • Go Goodwins renumbers its peak period journeys on service 286 between Altrincham and Halebarns as 283, and withdraws a lunchtime return journey
  • Checkmate has timetable revisions on Marple local services 303 (High Lane), 304 (Hyde) and 305 (Rose Hill)
  • First take over operation of Sunday and bank holiday daytime journeys from Stagecoach on service 346 between Ashton and Hyde
  • South Lancs Travel revise timetables on services 581 and 592 between Leigh and Bolton

* Some significant changes coming that we’ll expand on over the next week or two.


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3 Responses to Bus timetable changes from the beginning of April

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I like your term “faremaggedon”… it says it all very well!!!

    TfGM have now bitten the bullet and amended service information up to and including 15/05/2011 is now on their website.

    Look for certain “novel” rearrangements!!. It appears that they can hide these when they publish such a long list of amendments.

    • Shaun says:

      Most of the changes are listed on the TfGM website but there are still a few gaps. Still no mention on most of the SLT changes as listed in the old GMITA document last month, such as the spliting up of the 630 route to 630 and 633 and 624 route to 624 and 634.

      Few changes not listed on the TfGM website but are listed on operators website (plus added information):
      *7 (Stagecoach): Reduced to half-hourly and retimed to fit in between the 168/169 service between Droylsden and Gorton
      *42A (Stagecoach) Except for the peak-time journeys to Manchester via Fallowfield, all Stagecoach journeys re-numbered 84, running through to Manchester via Chorlton
      *164/165 (First/JPT): JPT take over the services from First
      *197 (Stagecoach/Finglands): City centre terminus moved to Albert Square. All Sunday journeys run by Finglands
      *346 (First/Stagecoach): First journeys extended to Gee Cross, Stagecoach journeys curtailed to Hyde, with service running every 20 mins (means that one journey an hour from Ashton is duplicated by First and Stagecoach at xx28)
      *433/444/451 (Rossendale/Bu-Val): Late evening services withdrawn. Monday-Saturday early services and Sunday daytime services taken over by Bu-Val
      *447/458 (Rossendale/Bu-Val): Late evening services withdrawn. Sunday daytime services taken over by Bu-Val
      *516 (SLT/Strawberry): Some journeys taken over by Strawberry (would guess at Monday-Saturday evenings and Sunday daytime, going off 584 timetable – 516 will probably replace 615, as 575 is extended to Wigan on Sundays in place of it)
      *584 (SLT/Strawberry): Monday-Saturday evening and Sunday daytime journeys taken over by Strawberry
      *603/607 (Strawberry): Changes to service (presumably just the times)
      *664 (SLT/Strawberry): The last journey of the day is taken over by Strawberry
      *X50 (Stagecoach): Extra duplicate weekday journey at 10.10pm from Trafford Centre

  2. There is noting worse than timetables that are late being printed or are wrong, then again it still dosent stop the busses and trains being late.

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