Preparation underway for Airport Metrolink line

There may be five years until its scheduled opening date, but work is already taking place to make way for the Metrolink extension from Chorlton to Manchester Airport.

Work is currently taking place to relocate utilities along the route, and tree clearing has been taking place between the M60 and the planned Wythenshawe Park stop, via Northern Moor. Here, trams follow the boundary between Trafford and Manchester, which is handily marked by a margin of land that’s just wide enough for a dual trackbed.

The photo here shows the current scene at Sale Road, where foliage has been cleared to make way for what will become Northern Moor station.

Trams towards Manchester will then traverse a level crossing before heading through the gap currently blocked by the green gates on the left (below). From here they’ll run underneath the M60, tracking the north side of the motorway towards Sale Water Park and on towards Hardy Farm and Chorlton.

We’ll keep an eye on the progress of this, and other parts of the line, as work progresses over the next few years.


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One Response to Preparation underway for Airport Metrolink line

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I would not like to be a resident in any of the houses of the third photograph. Is it allowed to put Metrolink tracks so near to houses?

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