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Some follow-up pieces on the impact of recent bus fare changes elsewhere on the web:


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  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    On Wednesday, 13th April 2011, the website of TfGM made an entry:-


    It appears that 20 extra carriages will pass to Northern Rail as a boost to PEAK SERVICES between Bradford and Manchester, via Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Littleborough and Rochdale. This will come as a relief to regular peak
    service commuters on both sides of the Pennines!!

    The Calder Valley line appears to have lost out in recent rail infrastructure improvements for the next 25 years in this area and it is good to see that whilst the main benefits to this announcement cover the Todmorden to Halifax commuter rail passenger movements, services from Littleborough to Manchester will benefit. The only new stations in Greater Manchester built on this line in recent years are Mills Hill and Smithy Bridge, both of which offer a faster rush hour service time than bus travel to commuters to and from Manchester.

    • James McCollom says:

      Those twenty extra carriages are five 4-car electric sets that will be used in West Yorkshire exclusively. There may be a couple of diesel units freed up for use on Calder Valley services, which is good news but not quite as trumpet-worthy as TfGM make out.

  2. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Well spotted, James….you don’t miss much!!! I just thought that this particular “News Round-up” would be a good site to get responses to this particular TfGM “good news” publicity which seems to slip onto their web site in the hope that no-one picks them up and asks for a full clarification. You were the first to respond. I had already written to Stephen Clark, the TfGM Rail Programme Director about not being able to use electric units on the Bradford to Manchester section of the Calder Valley line. I wonder if anyone there has told him that this line was not electrified!!.

  3. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    On the TfGM (not the TfGMC) website under the LATEST SERVICE CHANGES part of the bus information, one of the old faithful of the routes has appeared to have met its demise. Routes 46 and 47 from Piccadilly to Southern Cemetry (bi-directional) run by Stagecoach will be withdrawn on 1/5/2011. The note on both route entries states that both services will be “PARTLY REPLACED BY AN EXTENDED SERVICE ON ROUTE 84”.

    I looked from top to bottom in this list of service amendments, but could not find any mention of the 84 route. This is unusual as TfGM always do cross references between service notes in such occasions.

    The current timetable for route 84 is dated13 March 2011 and this service is run by Stagecoach Manchester until 1900, when Arriva North West takes over for the evening service. Whilst this service runs from Piccadilly Gardens, Trafford Bar and Chorlton to Eliabeth Slinger Road in West Didsbury, there is no route onward to cover the existing part of the 46/47 route to and from Manchester from Southern Cemetary

  4. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Thanks for the web link, in which it explains that circular bi-directional services 46 and 47 via West Didsbury are being replaced by service 84 from Manchester via Trafford Bar makes a link, with service 42A, at Withington Community Hospital that then goes on to Reddish (Bulls Head).

    I do not get the logic of this as there is no comparison between the old route and the proposed new route.

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