Woodlands Road goes off-peak as Abraham Moss opens

Way OutIf all goes to plan, as of tomorrow Metrolink services on the Bury line will start using the new Abraham Moss stop, located about 250 metres north of the existing Woodlands Road stop. TfGMC are awaiting final approval to close Woodlands Road stop, but in the meantime its services will be cut to run between 10am and 4pm on Monday to Friday only. I took a little walk with my camera yesterday to take a few photos of Woodlands Road and Abraham Moss, one ready to open and the other on the way out.

Woodlands Road
Passenger notice at Woodlands Road, station signage still very much 1991

Concrete platform
The southbound platform is perched on top of an embankment on concrete stilts

Abraham Moss northbound platform
Abraham Moss northbound platform – Woodlands Road only 250 metres away just out of sight around the corner

This used to be my subway
Subway footpath replaced by level crossing on foot


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19 Responses to Woodlands Road goes off-peak as Abraham Moss opens

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I see that TfGM are still awaiting final approval for closing the stop at Woodlands Road. James, what have you heard so far about the time period at present for this approval to proceed and of any objection reviews to still to be heard before matters proceed further.

    • James McCollom says:

      “A summary of responses, including the next steps will be published by (date) on (web address). Paper copies will be available on request. The Department will then decide whether the closure of passenger services should be allowed. If it does so, we will seek ratification of the closure from the Office for Rail Regulation.” – from DfT letter, not very helpful!

  2. Steve says:

    There is a piece on the Manchester evening news website about this so i assume it is in tonights paper. I wonder why the stop wasn’t built at Abraham Moss in the first place?

  3. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Most probably, when the Manchester to Bury line was converted to Metrolink, it was easier just to convert the existing rail stations which had platform infrastructure already in situ. Am I right in thinking that Woodlands Road station was built about 1938?

  4. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Sorry for the mistake with the date… I made a typing error but I was still wrong as I thought the station opened in 1918. I honestly thought that the station opened towards the end of World War 1, when it actually open the year before war commenced.

  5. David Garnett says:

    Saw a tram today with destination
    “BURY via Woodlands Road”

  6. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    What is the time schedule for the sale of the first generation Metrolink trams and to who? Will the replacement trams be built by the builders of the latest yellow liveried trams and how many are scheduled. What is the maximum capacity in future of the depot at Queens Road.

    • James McCollom says:

      The original Metrolink trams are staying put but will be refurbished and repainted to the new colours. As for depot capacity, don’t forget the new depot at Old Trafford will offer additional capacity – check out the Light Rail Transit Association website for more details on Metrolink operations.

  7. Watcherzero says:

    Selling and replacing is being considered for value for money comparison but at the moment the plan is to give the T68/t68a a full refurbishment both mechancially, electrically and internally with replacement of obsolete components, replacement seating layout and new internal body panels along with a yellow livery. This would give them another 10-15 years of life. The program to do that is being slowed by government cuts to council grants which then knocks on to transport budgets, was originally to kick off this year and take about 2-3 years but with money short they may well start later and do it over a 4-5 year period. A pilot program to take one apart and assess the structural condition of the fleet before putting it back together again has been approved for this summer.

    Queens road was built for the original 26 but they managed to squeeze the follow on 6 in there without expanding it. It was expanded last year both to properly accomadate the 6 extra and the first 8 M5000 for Bury-Alt route and 4 for Mediacity giving it a official capacity of 44 while the new Old Trafford depot has an official capacity of 50, neither could really be expanded further so if more extensions occured they would need a third depot.

    • Paul Sidorczuk says:

      Thank you, Watcherzero, for this most detailed answer. There seemed to be a rumour in this area about the selling off of the first generation trams, but this seems to only have been a cost evaluation exercise. Just shows that you should not believe all you hear! So it looks like the two depots have a total capacity of 94 trams “official” capacity.

  8. Rob Ford says:

    From a commuter’s perspective, I would hate it if the original trams were withdrawn. The yellow trams are less attractive in every respect – fewer seats, unbearable when packed at rush hour, sway alarmingly when running at 50 mph, seats rock hard. Also, will they be able to run in pairs – the Oldham line will surely be at least as busy as Bury/Alty.

  9. Watcherzero says:

    Yes the newer trams can run in pairs, they havent so far because they dont have retractable steps (since all the platforms were altered so they were full length full height), the exception is Mosley which is due to be demolished, until it closes a double M5000 couldnt use that stop on the Bury-Alt route which the doubles operate on.

  10. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Looking at the present and the immediate future plans for the Metrolink, the Manchester city centre appears to be the hub, so I thought of possibilities that the Metrolink might have to provide links to areas that might benefit in terms of economic development where a fast transport system would be an aid to such.

    Is it feasible for termini on the periphery of the areas served north of Manchester to ever receive connections to each other, without passing through Manchester? I do not know if there is a link between the Bury Line and the line to Thorpes Bridge Junction near to the Irk Valley viaduct. If so, it would be feasible to run direct services from Bury to the Oldham/Rochdale area without the need to use the paths availability at Manchester Victoria. The direct bus links from Oldham to Bury are non-existant at present. How much free paths capacity is there at Bury for both the plaforms at present?
    This route would form part of any future strategic proposals for transport upgrading for the northern part of Greater Manchester.

    • David Garnett says:

      The ELR might be better placed to provide such a service.

      • Paul Sidorczuk says:

        Whilst this looks a possibility as far as a direct route from Rawtenstall to Castleton is concerned, I cannot see how you would get from Rochdale to Oldham now that part of my suggested that route will be exclusively used by Metrolink.

        What I was hoping for was a northern extention to the Metrolink system to provide a direct route between Bury and Oldham without the need to change trams at Manchester Victoria. There are two tram depots at Queens Road and Old Trafford. There could be a third depot opened in Oldham to provide extra servicing and storage capacity for an expanded Metrolink system, giving depots in the north, central and southern parts of Greater Manchester.

  11. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Since this thread is the last one published on Metrolink, I thought that I would report that on the TfGM website today, they have put a note on their media section saying that plans have been submitted to Trafford Council for the major development of Altrincham Interchange, which involves Metrolink, Buses and Heavy Rail at present.

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