May 2011 bus service changes overview

Road markings on DeansgateThere are quite a few bus service changes happening in May 2011, some not announced until quite late in the day – hence our waiting to blog until things were finalised. There’s so many different things happening that I’ve split this item into a number of smaller items in order to aid clarity. What are the headline items? They look like this:

Most changes are from this weekend unless otherwise specified. If you’re looking for the raw details, the following links will take you to the relevant announcements:

You can also check out East of the M60’s take on how the changes will impact on Tameside.

[Image credit: “No Left Turn – Day 27, Year 2” by purplemattfish on Flickr]

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15 Responses to May 2011 bus service changes overview

  1. allan says:

    The change to the buses in Tameside will this lead to less work or more work for Ashton depot hope its the latter

    • Shaun says:

      Looking at the 7 timetable, it looks like that it will be run by Stockport depot again, so with that, the 389 withdrawl and and 346 increase, it’ll probably work out as a slight reduction in work.

      One other change that isn’t listed is the 573 Sunday service between Bolton and Rawtenstall will lose funding from Lancashire County Council at the end of May (like the 464 evening service) and is set to be withdrawn on 29th May.

  2. james says:

    fyi losing the 7/389 means all the darts will go to stockport but az are gaining all 219/231 from he to counter what they gained from princess road ie250/256/x50 etc

  3. allan says:

    Good news James about the 219@231 Question is when?

  4. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    This is one for James MCollom, as it concerns a service starting in Manchester that serves Stockport on its way to its terminus. This is the only one of the new threads just published where I feel it can go on.

    TM Travel run the 67 service from Manchester and Stockport to Tideswell that only has 2 buses each way and runs from Monday to Saturday only. This used to be the X67 service from Manchester to Chesterfield. The person that I spoke to a TM Travel was very wary of saying anything except to say “Well, if Derbyshire want to make savings….” and left it at that

    You most probably have heard if this service is being terminated before any of us do so, with your varied contact base. Do you know if Derbyshire County Council are weilding the axe again in the near future and if so, is this one of their victims?

  5. Shaun says:

    There seems to be a couple of changes that has happened which have been kept a bit quiet. One of which is the 410/411 services being passed by Bluebird to First at short notice. No mention on the TfGM or First websites. Information is off VOSA and Traveline Journey Planner

    From VOSA:
    Cancellation Accepted by SN: Operating between OLDHAM BUS STATION and OLDHAM BUS STATION given service number 410 effective from 16-Apr-2011.

    Registration Accepted by SN
    Starting Point: Oldham Bus Station
    Finish Point: Oldham Bus Station
    Via: Glodwick
    Service Number: 410
    Service Type: Normal Stopping/Hail & Ride
    Effective Date: 18-APR-2011
    Other Details: Mon – Sat every 30 mins on each service

    The other is a new service by Go Goodwins, numbered GO1, running weekdays between Altrincham and Sale via Ashton-upon-Mersey between 9.00am and 2.30pm. No mention in the Service Changes page on the TfGM website but there is a timetable:

    • James McCollom says:

      Thanks Shaun – from what I understand, the GO1 was registered, then Go Goodwins won a number of new contracts and wanted to cancel the registration, but it was refused so they’re running it anyway. TfGM aren’t always quick enough dealing with last minute alterations like this.

      • Paul Sidorczuk says:

        There must have been the demand on the Racecourse Estate for links to both Sale and Altrincham for this route to have been considered in the first place

  6. Rob says:

    G01 runs along the same route as Arriva’s 16 (every 30 mins) and 19 (every 15 mins) and hasn’t yet been cancelled.

    Goodwins have taken several tenders from Arriva over the last few months (252, 260, 261, 262) as well as the 268 from JPT and 278 from Haytons this time around! Seriously, with Stagecoach taking evenings and Sundays on the 15, and evenings on the 255 both from Arriva, I think Arriva should be getting a little concerned!

  7. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    The service changes on the TfGM website has had three further service amendments running from 15/5/2011 added to their original May list.

    • Shaun says:

      They were already there when the 1st May changes were added

      • Paul Sidorczuk says:

        If that was the case, why did they put them on the site again with a starting date/cancellation date of 15/5/2011. Was this just a change of date? Most of the changes were given the date of 1/5/2011 on the main list published on the website, then a few more were added with dates 8/5/2011 and 9/5/2011, then a further addition to the website was made with the three services amendments dated 15/5/2011 which were those that I referred to in my post on this thread.

  8. Shaun says:

    May have been possible that the 15th May changes were posted at the same time as the 1st May, then deleted when they kept updating the 1st May changes before being re-posted closer to the time. But I’m sure I remember reading them all at the same time.

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