May 2011: other bus service changes

Maytree bus on the Trans Lancs RallyHere’s some more changes to bus services in Greater Manchester from 1st May 2011 that didn’t really fit into any of the other categories, so I’ve grouped them all together into a collection that I like to call “other bus service changes”…

First off the bat, we sneak a little news on the remaining hybrid buses: Maytree Travel have won the contract for service 559 between Bolton and Hindley. It’ll be operated by hybrid vehicles, and extended commercially as far as Aspull. That’s not the only commercial extension to a subsidised service: the 553 between Bolton and Boothstown is extended to Leigh via Astley and Holden Road. Whilst Maytree also takes over evening services on the 622 between Wigan and Kitt Green, they won’t be running the final departure on Sunday evenings at 2320 which is withdrawn after a passenger survey indicated no passengers! The 715 also loses late evening journeys on Sundays: the 2140 departure from Bolton and the 2240 from Wigan are withdrawn.

Rossendalebus revert the route of service 167 to operate via Bamford Road once more; withdraw two counter-flow journeys on service 476 between Bury and Ramsbottom in order to allow them to run empty via a quicker route to improve reliability; and withdraw late afternoon journeys on service 485 to Ramsbottom, with Saturday services operating to Chesham only.

Go Goodwins revise timetables for services 21, 285 and 286. Sunday daytime journeys on service 38 between Altrincham and Dunham Woodhouses will be withdrawn. These were introduced last June following subsidy cuts, but Network Warrington have continued to operate a Sunday daytime service through to Warrington on a commercial basis instead – though we understand this will be subject to change from 6th June 2011. Meanwhile, JPT revise timetables on services 17, 59, 118 and 156, the latter from 15th May 2011.

Finglands will scale back on night buses along Wilmslow Road from 9th May 2011 – withdrawing services after midnight on service 41 to Sale on Monday to Thursdays. There’ll be less severe revisions on night bus service 42 to East Didsbury: every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday, with a 10 minute frequency on Friday and Saturdays during university term-time.

And a couple of small changes that took effect from today (26th April 2011) at Stagecoach North West – i.e. for their summer timetable – the 126 no longer calls at the main entrance of Chorley Hopsital on its way between Bolton and Preston, whilst the X61 is renumbered X60 between Manchester and Chorley to help comply with European regulations on long distance bus routes and drivers hours – through fares and a through bus will be provided onwards to Preston and Blackpool.

[Image credit: “Maytree Travel MX10 DXT” by Ingy the Wingy on Flickr]


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7 Responses to May 2011: other bus service changes

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  2. Shaun says:

    Also have Eurobus (who I believe is now a sister company to JPT) introducing journeys on the 17 from 15th May. By the looks of it (going off the Traveline North West Journey Planner website), it’ll be some of JPT’s evening and Sunday journeys plus some extra Monday-Saturday daytime journeys.

    • James McCollom says:

      Aye Shaun – whether it’ll be marketed differently from the main JPT operations remains to be seen.

    • Paul Sidorczuk says:

      Out of interest in what you said, I typed Eurobus into my seach engine. I am not fluant in many Eastern European languages, despite my name, so the result was quite disconcerting to say the least.

      Maybe my search engine had been told by Bob Crow to go on strike for the day.

      • Shaun says:

        JPT have put a picture up of a Eurobus bus on their Facebook page, and it just looks like a JPT bus with Eurobus logos.

        Also, from their Facebook, when asked about why they registered a new company in Eurobus rather than expanding the licence for JPT, they responded by saying:

        “Eurobus is a company that will grow through acquisitions, not trying to fool anyone….just bringing value to as many places as possible……the latest acquisition is Lancashire based and will be in our full control from 18th July”

        So, perhaps, Eurobus might become a more nationwide thing, like Centrebus have done, expanding out of Leicestershire to areas such as Luton and West Yorkshire

  3. Nicholas Lawley says:

    Why has everybody taken to saying the 553 goes via Leigh Infirmary? It doesn’t – it runs down Holden Road and the bottom end of The Avenue; its nearly a 1/2 mile walk to the Infirmary! (Plus you’ve missed via Astley off the list 😉 )

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