May 2011: Rochdale evening and Sunday cuts

We’ve been following the progress of proposed cuts to evening and Sunday local bus services in Rochdale for the past six months, and these will take effect with the 1st May 2011 service changes. Whilst currently operated by local-authority owned bus company Rossendalebus, TfGM has awarded most of the new contracts for early evening and Sunday operations on the five routes to Rochdale-based independent Bu Val – although Rossendalebus retain the Monday to Saturday early evening journeys on routes 447 and 458.

Details of the last departures from Rochdale and the first bus on Sunday mornings into Rochdale on the affected routes are as follows:

# Route Mon to Sat Sunday
Last bus First bus Last bus
433 Castleton 1900 1020 1600
444 Norden 1925 0941 1725
447 Wallbank 1920 1036 1720
451 Peppermint Bridge 1944 1103 1644
458 Wardle 1853 1106 1653

For those wishing to travel in Rochdale after the last buses have departed, a Rochdale Evening Local Link demand responsive service will be available.

As if that weren’t enough, from 29th May 2011, Lancashire County Council will withdraw funding for evening services on the main 464 route north out of Rochdale towards Bacup, Rawtenstall, Haslingden and Accrington. From that date, the last bus through to Rochdale will depart Accrington at 1950, leaving Bacup at 2035. The last bus from Rochdale through to Accrington will depart at 1935, with the 2005 operating as far as Haslingden (Sundays to Rawtenstall only), and the last bus from Rochdale at 2035 running to Rawtenstall, Lock Gate.

[Image credit: “Bu-Val Buses Limited 103 MP03 CYF” on Flickr by Ingy the Wingy]


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5 Responses to May 2011: Rochdale evening and Sunday cuts

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  2. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    There is an update to this on the Media section of the TfGM web site that has just been entered.

    The costs of fares seem competitive compared to taxi fares charged in the Rochdale area.

  3. Shaun says:

    Looks like Manchester Community Transport will be running the Local Link service in Rochdale. Registration has appeared on VOSA today

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  5. James McCollom says:

    The 464 evening timetable on Mondays to Saturdays has had a temporary reprieve.

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