MediaCityUK shuttle runs… from Piccadilly!

MediaCityUK drizzleHave the long-running technical glitches on the MediaCityUK Metrolink spur finally been resolved? Possibly, for this week a dedicated service to MediaCityUK has been in operation, meaning daytime Eccles services no longer have to divert via the new spur. And what’s more, the 12-minute frequency to the new home of BBC North has been running from Piccadilly station, surprising given that previous plans were to operate to Cornbrook only. This may only be a temporary state of affairs until the turnback siding at Cornbrook is operational – capacity on the Castlefield viaduct will be needed when services start on the Chorlton line. The line between Piccadilly and Piccadilly Gardens should now see 24 trams per hour in each direction during peak hours – one every two to three minutes.

Unfortunately, as ever the Metrolink website hasn’t quite caught up with reality, with the live update page still advertising “a 12 minute service… operating between Eccles and Piccadilly Station via MediaCityUK”.


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4 Responses to MediaCityUK shuttle runs… from Piccadilly!

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Thank you for this update. For various operational reasons, Media City UK Metrolink Station has had more than it’s fair share of bad publicity since it opened. Even the debacle of providing two platforms, then only using one did not help, especially with visitors to the Lowry Centre and the National War Museum North who came by rail to Manchester, then the tram, to visit these two attractions.

    Please keep us all informed on future developments on this matter.

  2. David Garnett says:

    Is there any scope for having a shuttle between Media Cty and Eccles and retaining the Piccadilly to Media City. Would have worked better had they put an island platform at Media City.
    Another alternative could be to run the Eccles service to and from Cornbrook.

  3. Andy Buckley says:

    Well nothing suprises me with Metrolink, at the beginning of April they made some alterations to the timings of the first tram in the mornings. The adverts stated that the changes would come into affect on the 4th April and to look out for information on the new times at tram stops and on the trams from the 11th April… a full week after implementation!!!

  4. Watcherzero says:

    How many people catch the very first tram in the morning who would have been disrupted by it being 5 minutes later?

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