Ministers minded to close Mosley Street tram stop

The DfT recently published a summary of responses from the consultation to close Mosley Street tram stop in the city centre, which is only round the corner from Piccadilly Gardens stop but is convenient for passengers heading towards Altrincham and Eccles. You can read the the whole document here (PDF) but we found a couple of responses worthy of highlighting. There were 80 replies in total, with 68 from members of the public. Point 6 says that GMPTE (sic) will not close Mosley Street until the departure screens around the Piccadilly delta are in operation – we’d imagine this relies on the new Tram Management System being in operation within the city centre. Point 8 says that the £1 million cost of rebuilding includes “temporary bus services” – but weekend closures of the Eccles line do not include a stop at Mosley Road (or Anchorage either, but that’s a moan for another day).

Ministers are “minded to allow the proposed closure to proceed”, but the closure needs to be ratified by the Office for Rail Regulation, which is not automatic.


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