Football parade major disruption to bus and tram services

Street art for MCFC kitsManchester City Football Club hasn’t had much cause to disrupt public transport for the past 35 years, apart from regular matchday traffic on the 216 bus. They’re going to make up for it this Monday (23rd May 2011) with a weekday parade route starting at 6pm that is going to interfere greatly with the evening commute home. Parker Street (aka Piccadilly Gardens) bus station and Piccadilly will be closed from 4pm, Princess Street in the Albert Square area being closed from 9.30am. Bus services will also be diverted away from Great Ancoats Street, Every Street and Ashton New Road between the city centre and Eastlands stadium. Likewise, tram services will not operate to Piccadilly Gardens or Piccadilly Station, with there likely to be delays at the point where parade route and tramlines interface on Princess Street. Check out the TfGM website for full details of disruption to your service. The Manchester United victory parade will not be quite as disruptive, due to it being held on Bank Holiday Monday.

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3 Responses to Football parade major disruption to bus and tram services

  1. Shaun says:

    Get the feeling there will be some confusion and inconvenience on Monday as people try to find their services on their way back home and the Metroshuttle 1 suspended. Doesn’t help when there’s a bit of conflicting information being posted by TfGM and First Manchester with regards to where First’s Salford bound Piccadilly services are being diverted.

    TfGM have the 33 terminating outside the coach station on Sackville Street, like the 255, 256 and X50 will do, but First say it will do a loop via Whitworth Street and Oxford Street and terminate outside McDonalds on Chepstow Street before restarting its route from there.

    With the 12, 32, 36, 37 and X34 services, First say they’ll be sent to Shudehill Interchange, terminating at stand H, while TfGM say they’ll be diverted via Trinity Way and Blackfriars Street to Chapel Street, terminating outside the Lowry Hotel (stand WR) before heading off straight along Chapel Street towards Salford uni and Pendleton, while a shuttle bus will run between Chapel Street and Shudehill Interchange.

    As for the United parade, the official United website says that their parade will take place around mid-morning/dinner time, although no confirmed route as of yet (should happen regardless of United’s result in the Champions League Final). If it’s like 1999, then there’ll be disruptions in Sale, Stretford and Old Trafford as well as Manchester, such as Deansgate, Princess Street and Albert Square.

  2. Andrew Macfarlane says:

    The version on the TfGM website is the correct one.

  3. Shaun says:

    United’s parade route has been finalised.

    The route will start at 10am Bank Holiday Monday near the MEN Arena and Manchester Catherdal on Deansgate, it’ll then head down Deansgate, Chester Road, Bridgewater Way, Wharfside Way, Sir Matt Busby Way arriving at Old Trafford at around 11.40am-11.45am, then continues along Warwick Road towards the cricket ground, turn on Talbot Road onto Chester Road towards Trafford Town Hall and Stretford Mall, where the route will end at around 12.45pm. The international players will then be whisked away to join up with their international team-mates to prepare for international matches. Anyone who can’t get to see it in Manchester or Trafford can watch it on MUTV or the Man Utd website for free.

    Parade route from
    MEN coverage of parade route

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