The first day on the Metrolink extension to Chorlton [Photos]

Today saw the the opening of the first leg of the Metrolink’s South Manchester line, as far as St Werburgh’s Road via Firswood and Chorlton. We couldn’t resist taking a ride up the line this evening.

We boarded the tram at Trafford Bar, the last station the service from Victoria stops at on the Altrincham line before branching off.Riding all the way up to St Werburgh’s Road, we finally learned how to pronounce “Werburgh” (hard ‘g’ at the end, according to the recorded announcements on the tram).

From the station, trams run on to the current official end of the line (although tracks run on further towards the future extensions to East Didsbury and the Airport), before swapping tracks for the journey back to Victoria.

Stations on the new line have realtime travel information:

From here, we hopped back to Chorlton for a look at what is set to be the busiest station on the current route, situated next to the Morrisons supermarket in the centre of the village.

We didn’t have time to stop off at Firswood too, so from Chorlton it was straight back to straight back towards the city centre for us.


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11 Responses to The first day on the Metrolink extension to Chorlton [Photos]

  1. Rob says:

    Wow, thanks for the update guys, will look forward to trying out the new line in the coming days. Everything looks very high quality & stylish, and of course, incredibly clean and well kept. I wish TfGM would spend some money putting this sort of furniture on our heavy rail stations.

    Great to see that it’s already being well used and that people seem delighted by it – the new extensions should hopefully be the publicity boost that Metrolink needs…

  2. Watcherzero says:

    The performance was apparantly a different station that has since been demolished, they just changed the name to Chorlton.

  3. D9000 says:

    …. and closed already, due, according to TfGM, to scallies trying to nick the power cable. Hope they got a nasty shock.

  4. Watcherzero says:

    Reopened within two hours, not bad. I imagine there will be a flurry of attempts due to publicity.

    • Paul Sidorczuk says:

      I have heard that it way have been attempted points vandalism as well as attempted cable theft. Did you hear anything about that?

  5. David Garnett says:

    Having taken a close look at old pictures of Wilbraham Road Station and Chorlton _cum_Hardy Station I now have to agree that the staion canopies match Wilbrahm Road station. which was beyond the junction of the routes at what is now St Werburghs Road Station,
    It’s still a wonderful performance by Muddy!!

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