Rebranding and refreshing

Sometimes writing a blog is just a matter of keeping your eyes open and being in the right place at the right time. Today seems to have been one of those days, with two new developments on the rail system. Firstly, TfGM has made its mark at Oxford Road station by covering over all the GMPTE emblems with the brand new Transport for Greater Manchester logo:

TfGM makes its mark at Oxford Road

With work on new waiting shelters at Oxford Road station nearing completion, it seems that TfGM decided to highlight their involvement at one of Manchester’s major railway stations prior to any official opening. The custom-built shelters on platforms 1 and 2/3, along with the new information kiosk on the main concourse, are constructed from wood and blend in with the grade II listed station roof – we’ll be along with our camera when work’s complete.

And of interest to those commuters from the southern half of the county, my commute today was on a newly “refreshed” electric multiple unit:

Refreshed interior: no more saggy seats Shiny

So it’s farewell to the old First North Western saggy seat bottoms and hello to generic Northern Rail moquette. New flooring and bright light tubes complete the interior, whilst on the outside it appears that the troublesome dot-matrix destination displays have been replaced with traditional roller blinds.

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11 Responses to Rebranding and refreshing

  1. I give it a week before those seat bottoms are sagging again!

  2. Watcherzero says:

    Theres been Northern Rail/TFGM/Network Rail signs up saying they were sponsoring the Oxford Road rennovations since a couple of beeks before the body came into existence.

  3. Deadmanjones says:

    We were on a refreshed train on sunday from alderley edge. I’m glad it’s refreshed and not replaced, as they’re easily the easiest train to get our bikes on.

  4. Watcherzero says:

    All the latest Bus Committee papers are out, though ive noticed a cockup in the Yellow School Buses document, only half a list of where the new yellow buses will be deployed is visible because the table runs off the bottom of a page.

  5. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    The seating on the Class 323 units in terms of both the “seat pad” and the moquette covering has been a disgrace for the last few years.

  6. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I am unsure which thread to ask this question, but has anyone noticed that the “Latest Services Changes” on the buses section of the TfGM website seems to now only show immediate changes. Even the change that happened on 1st August (service 289 from Altrincham to Northwich) has now been deleted. They used to keep past changes for about a month before deleting them from this section.

    Has there been a policy decision at TfGM to effect this change?

    • Nicholas Lawley says:

      Its happened numerous times before – often dependent on the number of changes. There seems to be no coherent policy on how long the changes are up for. I think if there’s a period with a lot of changes (such as the start of this month), then the older changes are removed sooner.

      • Duff says:

        Not sure what the problem is, there is a drop down menu option at the bottom of the page that lets you choose changes over the last ten years!

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