Oxford Road station developments

PostersIt took me a week or so to get my camera equipment sorted, but tonight I finally managed to stop off at Manchester Oxford Road station to take pictures of the new waiting shelters and information office – all curves and varnished finishes, blending in with the existing listed-building station roof. Work is nearly completed on resurfacing the overbridge steps.

Information office
The new information office: a bit like a porch extension to the existing dispatch staff office

The new waiting room between platforms 2 and 3 – not much headroom compared to the adjacent station roof, more of a wooden pimple growing out of the platform

Inside, the waiting room features power-assisted doors, lights and heating, with seating for sixteen – but station announcements are a little difficult to hear

A bit like a sauna  Feels a bit Swedish inside – might as well be in a sauna.

Shelter on platform 1
The shelter on platform 1 is simple and open to the elements, but very few trains stop here

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One Response to Oxford Road station developments

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    The design was obviously in keeping with the wooden station infrastructure. I note that train announcements are said to be not clear from inside the enclosed shelter, so why not install an internal speaker system inside them?

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