Industrial action on Transpennine Express

Strike actionFirst Transpennine Express drivers, conductors and station staff belonging to ASLEF and RMT unions have voted for 24-hour walkouts on Wednesday and Friday next week (24th and 26th August 2011) over pay. Transpennine Express operates services from Manchester to the airport, Liverpool, Lancashire, Yorkshire, the north east and Scotland. The company has a page on their website detailing the latest information, and revised timetables should the strikes go ahead.

Update 25th August: Friday’s strike action has been suspended in order to allow talks to continue – train services will therefore run as normal.

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8 Responses to Industrial action on Transpennine Express

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Whilst Northern Rail can take some of the peak-hour Manchester – Huddersfield – Leeds demand, this will not make travelling a prospect to look forward to on both of those two days. There will still be the extra demand caused by tourist school holiday travel.

    Manchester Airport station will cause different travel problems for passengers travelling to an from there, who will not have their usual direct services and will have to change in Manchester to reach many destinations, which is not a prospect to look forward to with suitcases to be manhandled and the lack of storage capacity in some of the Northern Rail stock that will be used.

  2. alan rutherford says:

    Any staff member of this utterly incompetent train provider who believes strike action for MORE pay should be ashamed! Many train drivers get more pay than nurses, new policeman, junior firemen & mountain rescue employees. You press buttons on warm trains that occasionally run to a timetable. If you think it acceptable to ruin people’s holiday plans, give grief to those who need this alledged service, that is over priced & you can travel on FREE, to get to work etc, then look in a mirror you selfish, greedy people. Your action is a disgrace.

  3. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    First TPE have issued a special timetable for services that will operate on the two strike days:-

    Between Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds, there will be 14 services in both directions….10 of which will carry on to Leeds

    Between Manchester Airport and Edinburgh, there will be 4 services in both directions….but none to Glasgow

    Between Manchester Piccadilly and Sheffield, there will be 7 services in both directions.


  4. Shaun says:

    A few extra trains did run today, which was due to conductors and station staff from RMT union suspending the strike, although drivers from RMT plus members of Aslef continued their strike, even though Aslef claim to have offered to supsend the strike but TransPennine Express rejecting the offer. There were trains running between Blackpool North and Manchester Airport, running about every 4 hours with a couple of extra journeys in Yorkshire between Leeds and Hull and Leeds and Scarborough, plus replacement bus services between York and Scarborough, Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe and Windermere and Oxenhope.

  5. James McCollom says:

    I worked from home yesterday – living next to the airport line, it was a lot quieter then normal!

  6. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I have just returned home from the local part of a very busy itinerary this morning, so I will make this very quick posting in case that the information is of use to anyone on the thread, before I have to set off to Shrewsbury for a meeting at 1500 this afternoon.

    In the revised First TPE “emergency” timetable which covers Friday, 26th August, there are now two very early morning services from Manchester Airport to York at 0038 (arr 0238) and 0412 (arr 0628) and also from York to Manchester Airport at 0138 (arr 0400) and 0252 (arr 0519).

    These are the only First TPE services on Friday that will be using the airport and could be useful for air travellers departing or arriving late at night.

    There are other additions to the Friday “emergency” timetable, but I do not have the time to track these down, as I have much travelling around scheduled for the remainder of today.

    • Paul Sidorczuk says:

      On the First TPE website late this afternoon, a notice was placed saying the Friday industrial action had been suspended to allow the talks to continue.

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