New website for crowd-sourcing transport improvements

Logo for FixMyTransport websiteEver wanted to start your own campaign to improve your little corner of the public transport system? Now you can do just that with the minimum of fuss thanks to the people who brought you the MP-tracking website TheyWorkForYou and freedom of information response tracking website WhatDoTheyKnow. They’ve turned their attention to public transport with the launch of FixMyTransport, a website that will allow people to pool their experiences on public transport and help track responses to transport companies when issues arise. It’s currently in beta-testing nationwide.

I’ve logged one of my own personal bugbears, a request for additional stops at local rail stations on the airport line, and the site promises to forward my emails to the powers that be and track responses from them, as well as allowing other people to comment on the issue too. Meanwhile, Bill H is attempting to improve reliability on First Manchester’s 88/89 circular bus routes from Manchester to Crumpsall, Higher Blackley and Moston. It isn’t all doom and gloom – not only can you report problems, you can also leave praise as well for good service as well!

How effective will the website be? It will rely on two things: a positive attitude from transport operators, along with the ability of the general public to frame their questions in a way in which an answer can be given. If you raise a problem in Greater Manchester that needs fixing, leave a comment below to let us know!


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3 Responses to New website for crowd-sourcing transport improvements

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    FixMyTransport came on RailUK Forums with details of what they can do. I joined their website that very day as they seem a useful addition to know.

  2. Gez O'brien says:

    If you like that you’ll love this:

    Timetables? Too hard to use – visualise that data and see instantly where you can be in 45 minutes on public transport. Ideally these would be available at every bus-stop and mobile phone.

  3. Gez O'brien says:

    Oh – and by coincidence – just in:

    *In Paris, smartphones double as travel passes*
    A pilot service being trialled in Paris aims to make life easier for users of the metro and city buses, by putting travel passes on smartphones.

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