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“I believe that buses are the future, treat them well and let them lead the way” – First Bus have a new TV advert out. Now there’s a name we haven’t heard for a while, not since the days of Greater Manchester (f) “tomato soup” livery.

Personally I preferred Stagecoach’s “Bus of Britain”, even if did lift heavily from “Little Britain” (and no, that’s not the back of Harold Hooterson’s head in our header image):

But surely there’s no beating this classic TV spot from 1986, when Greater Manchester Transport became GM Buses – 25 years ago:

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9 Responses to Ad break

  1. Hmm if it’s now “First Bus” I wonder if we really are getting the Tomato back next year with this localism push

  2. The new FirstGroup advert is a bit florid for my liking. Some people would complain about the actual product not reflecting the advert (as many said about the InterCity adverts with the Leon Redbone soundtrack). I think Mark E Smith would be a better ambassador for the White Moss Circular.

  3. Watcherzero says:

    I loved the Virgin adverts they kept it simple, train journeys while you may daydream aboard are about getting you from origin to destination.

  4. Shaun says:

    First are also running adverts on the radio too. Heard it a few times this week on Key 103, talking about how it might be cheaper than commuting by car and inviting you to try one of their ‘frequent’ services.

    Also, mentioning liveries and hybrids. It looks like First Manchester are following Leeds with regards to getting hybrids double deckers. Saw one today (61 plate) with First Manchester legals running round Shudehill Interchange out of service. The livery is the same as the ones in Leeds on the 7/7A/7S services.

  5. mark says:

    buses are certainly not the future, there too expensive for one thing, in fact i can use my car (insurance, tax, fuel and repairs) cheaper than the bus would cost for the year. and by doing so i actually get to go where I want quicker and in comfort. however if they reduced there prices by i dont know say half, then loads of people would use the bus. i just find daft, you should not be able to get any motorised vehicle (scooter, car etc) on the road for less than bus fare. however if you goto another country bus fares are a pittance.

  6. Andrew says:

    Mark – i loved to hear how you insure, tax, fuel and repair your car for £580 a year (current price of an annual ticket from First).

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