London Midland to order new trains for Manchester-Scotland

Electric multiple unit working on the Trent Valley lineTen new four-car electric trains similar to that pictured are planned to operate services between Manchester and Scotland from 2013 – and Birmingham-based train operator London Midland will be placing the order on Transpennine Express’ behalf. Don’t tell the chaps at Bombardier in Derby, but the follow-on order is going abroad to Siemens (again): it makes sense in this instance as both operators already have large fleets of Siemens trains.

[Image credit: “London Midland Class 350 Desiro 350111 – Rugeley Trent Valley Station – Monday 25th April 2011” by Jay_Dee_Staffordshire on Flickr]


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9 Responses to London Midland to order new trains for Manchester-Scotland

  1. David Garnett says:

    Why do London Midland have to place the order instead of First Tanspennie?

  2. Watcherzero says:

    As London Midland has options available for extra units on its contract it can acquire more rolling stock without a competitive tender. By transferring these options to TPE it can aquire new rolling stock faster and cheaper than going through a lengthy tendering process for a small fleet of units.

  3. Trystan says:

    Personally I do not want to sit on either a DMU or EMU from Manchester to Scotland. What on Earth happened to proper trains like the old Intercity loco hauled Mark 3s or the IC 125s/225s. These newer trains are so damn uncomfortable. Especially voyagers!!! Manchester to Southampton and my back was buggered by the time we got to Southampton.

  4. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I think the important thing to note is that these will be four coach sets, unlike the Class 185 three coach sets currently operated on the Manchester Airport to Scotland route.

  5. Steve says:

    2 things have come to mind firstly only an increase of one coach hardly going to ease the severe overcrowding and secondly how uncomfortable those trains are for a long journey hardly an improvement.

    • Paul Sidorczuk says:

      In that case, what type of provision do you envisage to be utilised and where will you obtain this provision from. The four coach sets are going to be part of a much larger order that is already scheduled.

      How do you propose the stated lack of comfort be overcome?

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  7. KJ says:

    Another lack of thought or imagination ….the people ordering these totally inappropriate trains will of course not travel on them ! They are more suited to short/medium distance journeys . Proper electric trains of the voyager /adelante 180s style are more appropriate for longer intercity travel! The present tpx 3 car trains are awful on journeys over an hour! Never sit next to the toilet which is in the passenger cabin rather than a vestibule ! Non stop use on long journeys n smelly too! The seating is ok for short journeys but over an hour v uncomfortable .They may be made in Germany but the Germans wouldnt tolerate them ..hence their fantastc ICE trains !These new trains should be proper ,quality intercity standard not the crap they intend to order .why are there so many useless fools in charge of our amazingly complex railways!!!

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