“Come Dine with Metrolink” at #mfdf 2011

View of Piccadilly Gardens neon from Metrolink tramNow that the politicos are headed home from Manchester after the Conservative Party Conference, the city is likely to be visited by a different crowd altogether as the Manchester Food and Drink Festival kicks off on Friday 7th October 2011. Last year’s festival saw two events run in conjunction with Metrolink – dining experiences along the Altrincham and Bury lines, with several courses being served up at various eating establishments along the way. This year the events move onto the two newly opened lines: MediaCityUK and Chorlton. Sadly at Chez Manchester Transport we’re already counting the hours down ’til next payday (new spectacles being expensive) but for those with some spare pocket money, this year’s line-up looks like this:

Check out the Manchester Food and Drink Festival website for more details.

[Image credit: “Trams and the View From Them – Sunday 28th October 2007” by John Thurm on Flickr]


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One Response to “Come Dine with Metrolink” at #mfdf 2011

  1. This is a brilliant idea, a unique way of promoting the Metrolink as an environmentally sound way of getting around Greater Manchester. For this occasion, couldn’t they have Dave Lamb’s voice or a Dave Lamb soundalike recorded onto the ‘next stop’ announcements for these special events?

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