New station in Lancashire opens at Buckshaw Parkway

Buckshaw Parkway under constructionGood news if you live in Chorley – heck, there has to be good news sometimes! It comes in the form of the new £6.8 million station Buckshaw Parkway, which opened on Monday and sees two regional Northern Rail trains per hour in each direction on Monday to Saturday daytimes (between Manchester and Preston) with Transpennine Express stopping there hourly from 18th October. Its design is the new Network Rail modular look, as used at Mitcham Eastfields and Corby. Here’s a great action shot taken by Tom Eyles on the opening morning.

[Image credit: “Buckshaw Park Station – Euxton Chorley” by mwmbwls on Flickr]

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6 Responses to New station in Lancashire opens at Buckshaw Parkway

  1. Oldham100 says:

    6.8 Million for that! Thats a ridiculous amount of money for a few concrete blocks and some lighting…

    • You will find that the structure of rail privatisation has made the most modest of halts cost as much as a new bus station with half a dozen stands. In 1985, Mills Hill station cost GMPTE/GMC/British Rail £100,000 to build, the equivalent of £240,000 today!

      £6.8 million today is the equivalent of £3 million in 1985 – two thirds of the construction cost for GMT/First Manchester’s Bury depot. This figure is enough to rebuild Bolton Moor Lane Bus Station twice over at 1985 rates!

  2. Watcherzero says:

    Its not just a station though, its a 200 space car park as well. It was also built alongside an operational railway which increases construction time and cost significantly.

  3. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    This new station has been built to serve a large newly developed area that contains both housing and industrial premises, which will be a focus in that area.The existing Chorley to Astley Village local bus service has been extended to take in the station..

  4. Neil Williams says:

    Shame it didn’t retain the name “Euxton ROF” to add a bit of history. Actually, it’s a *real* shame the old ROF station wasn’t in a state to be refurbished and brought back into use.

  5. Jules says:

    The high cost of stations cannot be explained by new legislation (disability access or new health and safety). It would appear that Stations are now “over engineered.” It must be remembered that although Network Rail (who build them)is supposed to be a “not for profit” it still costs “commercially” with any profit to be ploughed back or given to the Treasury at the end of the year. Managers and the whole ethos is still to get the most money and profit. This is not a conspiracy theory it is what recent parliamentary reports are saying – they must cut costs, parliament have said so. A builder once told me he could build a platform for around £85,000 including drainage, Heavy duty bus shelters are freely available (do a Google search!) for £2,000 upwards, lighting can be costed from your armchair also. Put the cost together and the builder says he cannot fathom why the cost should be more than a large executive new build home – which includes the cost of buying the land which Network Rail doesn’t have to do.

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