Network Rail parades plans for Northern Hub

Futuristic diesel trainNetwork Rail want to know what the public thinks about its plans to invest in the regions railway’s through their Northern Hub project – essentially the Ordsall Curve; new platforms at Piccadilly, Victoria and the Airport; and some capacity improvements in the form of linespeed and signalling improvements, with the odd passing loop and four-tracking to boot. They’ve also lumped in electrification and the redevelopment of Victoria station for good measure. To this end, exhibitions are being put on in various locations in Salford and Manchester from now until 22nd October 2011, or check out the Northern Hub website.


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4 Responses to Network Rail parades plans for Northern Hub

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    I attended the first of these National Rail “Ordsall Chord” exhibitions at MOSI last Friday and would suggest that they are only aimed at raising the public awareness of their plans. There is no definite line plan yet (save what looks like a red line drawn in felt-tip pen) for the actual line of the Ordsall Chord itself. The staff at that exhibition were more “office” than “technical” and whilst able to answer the general public in generalised terms, were not the staff to hold a more in-depth conversation with on specific matters’ for those visitors more well-versed in transport matters..

    I must confess that I cannot fault them for their range of venues. They have a small “hand-out” package containing A5 size card information on Manchester Victoria station improvements, the “Lancashire Triangle” electrification project, the “Ordsall Chord” project and “The Northern Hub” project, all contained within a card folder.

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