Manchester Victoria redevelopment

Manchester Victoria redeveloped concourse

Some details we pilfered from Network Rail’s travelling exhibition showing more details on the redevelopment of Manchester Victoria. Pictured above, the remodelled concourse. Two island platforms for Metrolink’s three tracks top right, and next to that the recently resurfaced east-facing bay platforms (1 and 2) that are used by terminating Calder Valley services. In front of those, a two-tiered walkway for access to the NYNEX M.E.N. Arena, with access available via lift and escalators – which should reduce conflicting pedestrian movements! Below that, what looks like a barrier line with ticket-gate access to trains. And all under a lightweight translucent roof similar to the one at Piccadilly. Some key dates:

  • Autumn 2011 – full plans announced and public consultation
  • March 2012 – planning and Listed Building Application to be submitted
  • 2012 – electrification works begin
  • Winter 2012/2013 – new roof and redevelopment works begin
  • Spring 2014 – new roof and redevelopment works completed
  • Winter 2016/2017 – electrified lines to Preston and Blackpool completed
  • Winter 2016/2017 – fast trains to Leeds and Manchester Airport begin from Manchester Victoria
  • Winter 2018/2019 – new platforms completed

To that list, we also ought to add that Winter 2016/2017 is also the target date for when Metrolink’s Second City Crossing comes into service – and presumably any related changes to Metrolink platforms at Manchester Victoria. The new terminating platforms referred to will be at the west end of the station on the spare piece of land to the north of the existing tracks.


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5 Responses to Manchester Victoria redevelopment

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    Quoting from the information above:-
    Winter 2018/2019 – new platforms completed.
    I take it that these will be the west-facing platforms at Manchester Victoria, but where will these be situated?

    • James McCollom says:

      I’m assuming the empty bridge alignment to the south-west of the arena – there seems to be other development planned for the car parks where Exchange station used to be.

      • Paul Sidorczuk says:

        I take it by this that you are referring to the The Exchange Project on Greengate that is a joint development between National Rail and Ask Developments, which will make use of the existing railway arches.

        It is the length of the proposed platforms that concerns me and the distance that travellers using them will have to walk from there back to Victoria station, unless it is proposed to have a new additional entrance/exit on the other side of the River Irwell.

  2. Shaun says:

    It all sounds promising for Manchester Victoria. At the moment, it feels like the poorer, more run-down sister of Manchester Piccadilly. Piccadilly is certainly more warm and inviting compared to Victoria.

    Once the work is completed, Manchester can be proud to say they have two modern major stations in the city centre, with Victoria hopefully becoming a more bustling station. And of course, more destinations too, with the Northern Hub, Ordsall Chord and Metrolink expansion, meaning you can get faster journeys to Leeds and Liverpool along with new connections to places like Middlesbrough and Newcastle plus train and tram connections to Manchester Airport and the restored link to Oldham.

    Who knows? Maybe by the time the work at Victoria is finished in 2019, Metrolink may have gained new lines, such as Trafford Centre or Stockport.

    In terms of rail travel (be it heavy rail or light), it’s going to be an exciting decade for Manchester.

  3. Mwmbwls says:

    Any ideas, rumours, hard facts about which services would be using these platforms?

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