Public sector strikes and spending statements

The Western approaches to Leeds City - lots of metalThe impact of Wednesday’s public sector strike on transport in Greater Manchester shouldn’t be too great, given that most services are operated by the private sector. TfGM advise that Travelshops are expected to be closed and bus stations are unlikely to be staffed: indeed, buses may not be able to use bus stations but in that event passengers should still be able to catch their bus at on-street stops. It’s unlikely that school bus services to schools which are closed will be operating, and the union march taking place in Manchester city centre around lunchtime may cause some delays to bus and tram services. To be on the safe side (considering the possible impact of local government pension schemes) we also contacted the two municipal bus operators, Rossendalebus and Network Warrington, but they confirmed that their services should be running as normal.

We wouldn’t want to be in contempt of Parliament ahead of the Chancellor’s autumnal spending statement tomorrow – ministers are meant to announce things in the House rather than in the press – but seeing that reports of £5 billion worth of public spending on transport infrastructure schemes were all over the airwaves today, we should be safe! Projects to benefit in Greater Manchester are expected to be trans-Pennine electrification between Manchester and Leeds, and the A555 Manchester Airport eastern link road to Poynton and Hazel Grove – in our opinion, two worthwhile projects.

[Image credit: “333 Leaves Leeds West hicon bw” by Martin Wilson on Flickr]


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9 Responses to Public sector strikes and spending statements

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    This will only put right the first-time decision of John Prescott to cancel the A555 final leg from Handforth to Manchester Airport, where the A555 currently terminates at an unused roundabout over an already raised section that was ready to see the final leg happened.

    Will all the SEMMS route, including the Poynton to Adlington section be included?

  2. Watcherzero says:

    It was previously approved by the last Government but cancelled by the incoming Government as part of their spending review in 2010.

    • Paul Sidorczuk says:

      Sorry, about this. Is is not true that John Prescott was the first person to cancel this final section? Most people in Cheshire East assume that it was John Prescott who put an end to the SEMMS proposals. Can you look at the date of the original Labour cancellation of the SEMMS project which left this roundabout in such a strange position. I did make a mistake of saying that the roundabout on the B5352 was unused…I meant to make reference to the unused section below the roundabout.

      I apologise if , as you say, Labour had decided to re-approve the SEMMS project after the John Prescott cancellation, but I am finding it difficult to trace when this happened. Can you let us know when this occurred, please. Was it in their pre-election manifesto?

      Whilst, the present coalition did not at first give the A555 onward extension from Handforth to Manchester Airport, it has done so now and the decision to do this must be welcomed, with the business expansion in the area being beneficiaries for future business expansion.

  3. Shaun says:

    Also to come out today is TfGM and Rochdale MBC receiving full funding for Rochdale Interchange and also looking to resurrect the cross-city bus travel improvement plans.

    • Paul Sidorczuk says:

      It looks like they are proposing the demolition of the existing bus station and council offces to provide a site for further regeneration of Rochdale Town Centre, It will be interesting to see where the new public transport site will be situated.

      • D9000 says:

        Sorry, ‘across the road’ was a reply to Paul’s question. It’s partly on the old Yelloway depot site.

  4. D9000 says:

    ^ Across the road. Some prep work has already been done, I believe.

  5. Trystan says:

    Electrification is te only way forward for the North. This should have been done years ago. I am pleased with the Govts announcment, but I am still sceptical as to whether this really will go ahead. HS2 is already hitting the buffers for so called ‘environmental’ studies (as of today 03/12/11).

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