TfGM joins Twitter!

Twitter logoIt’s taken some time, but TfGM are now on Twitter tweeting as @OfficialTfGM! Just in time for the wintry weather, as the sprinkling of snow and frost this morning highlights how useful live travel updates can be. As their website explains, they’ll post updates about the Metrolink, and passing on information from operators of buses and trains, as well as posting links to issues, campaigns and announcements.

Here’s Manchester Transport blog’s rundown of tweeting bus and train operators in the area:

Bus operators

Two major omissions from that list are Arriva and Stagecoach – we hope they’ll start tweeting sooner rather than later as each has useful accounts in other regions.

Train operators

Other useful Tweeters

You can also follow Manchester Transport blog on Twitter at @McrTransport! Any other accounts we should be following? Leave us a comment below!


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One Response to TfGM joins Twitter!

  1. Shaun says:

    A move that needed to made in order to keep up with modern times. It’s also good that they’ve put a Twitter feed on their website, so non-Tweeters can follow the live info from the TfGM website. Also the right time to enter the Twitter-sphere with the winter season kicking in, as people will be turning to the net for the latest info.

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