Speedwellbus becomes latest bus company to fold

Blurred image of "Bus stopping" signSpeedwellbus becomes the latest bus company in Greater Manchester to cease bus operations, following on from Bu-val, The Coachmasters and Haytons, having announced they would cease to trade yesterday on their Facebook page. The company have had their ups and downs in recent years, campaigning to save services in Derbyshire yet being fined for failure to run services. We wish the former staff best wishes and hope that new employment opportunities come along soon.

TfGM are (sadly) well-practiced in finding replacement bus operators at short notice: East of the M60 has details of replacement services, operated by Stagecoach, Stotts, Bluebird and Bowers variously.

[Image credit: “Bus stopping” by hugvok on Flickr]

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4 Responses to Speedwellbus becomes latest bus company to fold

  1. Paul Sidorczuk says:

    The matter of Speedwellbus was developing in the last transport thread and much comment that would normally have been made on this thread has already been said.

    It was noticeable that strongly held views – both sides of the coin – were expressed.

    I do offer the staff my deepest and heartfelt best wishes for the future as this is not the best time to be seeking new employment.

  2. mh says:

    I’ll second that, its a shame to see all those people lose their jobs, especially so soon after christmas. Its also a shame to see another independent operator disappear, despite their faults.

  3. Trystan says:

    I feel sorry for the drivers… but to be honest, I will not be mourning the passing of Speedwells.

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