A new bus for Manchester?

New bus for Manchester?Move over, Borismaster: it seems there’s a new Mancunian design if this bus clip-art from a FirstBus onboard poster is anything to go by. Full-length windows on the top deck will make it light and airy, though you may not want to wear a skirt. And if you’re my height (6’3″) you’re also better off downstairs as there’s much more headroom. The FirstGroup willow leaf lives on here, though in real life there are moves in Leeds on a new “local” FirstBus livery. This hasn’t achieved universal acclaim on the internet, though apparently it looks better in the flesh.

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5 Responses to A new bus for Manchester?

  1. It looks as if FirstGroup have brought back Manchester Corporation’s one and a half deck airport buses! In 1953, six Leyland Royal Tiger and Tiger Cub chassis were adapted as one and a half deck buses with the back seats raised higher than normal to accommodate luggage below.

  2. Shaun says:

    well, if First Manchester does get this new ‘bus’, then they’ll have new ticket machines, which have been installed today (12 Feb) on some buses.

    I have seen them on Oldham and Tameside depot services but I’m sure the other depots will get theirs soon, along with First West Yorkshire, which will mean the same type of tickets on the 184, 589 & 590.

    Different from the previous tickets, as they are bigger and more square shaped and printed on thicker paper.

  3. Here we are: Britain’s only Dennis Dart half decker. Another Frankenstein creation from the East of the M60 Graphics Department:

    Dennis Dart Half Decker

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