First Manchester in trouble for poor punctuality

"I believe that buses are the future..."FirstGroup has been up before the Traffic Commissioner for a failure to improve reliablity of their bus services over the past twelve months. Four VOSA inspectors recorded between 17 and 26% of buses failing to meet punctuality targets in parts of Greater Manchester this time last year and not much done to improve the situation since. It can’t have been easy for First over the past few months given the roadworks in Salford – which the local press was in uproar about at the time – but that one corridor can’t account for all the late running, and other operators have demonstratably amended timetables in recent years to try and add extra running time where needed.

The hearing has been adjourned until 13th March to allow First to put together an action plan for improvements.

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11 Responses to First Manchester in trouble for poor punctuality

  1. Tom Moore says:

    Pay drivers a supplement if they run on time. This is rocket science?

  2. Paul says:

    The observations on which this Inquiry is based relate to Jan Feb March 2011. Mrs Bell seems annoyed that First Manchester don’t seem to have tackled the problem since them – not brought an action plan to the hearing!

  3. Watcherzero says:

    I hear the commisioner threatened to strip them of the routes.

  4. Rob says:

    This hearing goes on evidence from 12 months ago, if things are worse now due to roadworks in Salford, I wouldn’t like to be a manager in front of Mrs Ball next time!

  5. Tom Moore says:

    Private Eye refers to WorstGroup for some reason, I can’t think . . ..

  6. This reliability looks atrocious and I often wonder how low things need to go for a traffic commissioner to get involved. That thought always comes to mind whenever an Arriva 130 (Macclesfield-Manchester) is very late or has broken down.

  7. Shaun says:

    There was a bit of irony for me when I first read that story last week, which was shortly after reading it, I set off out to catch the 180/184 to Manchester and the 180 turned up 10 minutes late with a 184 a couple of minutes behind. Mind you, I could have read that story any day and something like that would probably have happened at some point.

    I think the report into their performance in the second half of last year isn’t going to read well for them with the roadworks on Chapel Street in Salford and in Oldham town centre with the Metrolink works. First are changing the times of several services in Oldham next month, which might be to improve reliability.

  8. Michael Tinker says:

    I use the 350 and sometimes the bus is late once it was 40 mins late and sometimes they run 5 mins early even 10 mins once

    we have had a couple of decent buses on it that have been loaned from Oldham depot

    first bus need to improve and some of the fares they charge is beyond a joke even stagecoach do not have high prices like that

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  10. Michael Tinker says:

    first manchester where fined £285.000 this week and told to report to Ms Bell in 3 and 6 months

    they still have not imporved yestaday waited for 7.12am 409 from Ashton and it never turned up and today got into bus stn and there was a very long queue for that bus which came

    first Pioneer got 4 new hybirds this week 59011/14/15/16

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