Smartcards readers at Piccadilly?

Please present what card where now?On my way home last night, I saw that two new smartcard readers had been installed near the ticket office at Manchester Piccadilly, next to the Northern Rail ticket machines on the main concourse. Please present what card where now? We wonder whether it’s linked to either East Midlands Trains’ smartcard or Virgin Trains’ ITSO testing. Answers on a postcard – or leave a comment below.


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9 Responses to Smartcards readers at Piccadilly?

  1. Michael Tinker says:

    wonder what they are for

  2. Shaun says:

    The yellow cover might confuse people into thinking it’s to do with Metrolink.

    However, had a look on Flickr and found a couple of pics of the same smartcard readers at South West Trains stations, which is connected to Stagecoach, so it looks like it’ll be for East Midlands Trains. Although, given that Stagecoach has a stake in Virgin Trains, it could also be used for them too.

    I heard recently that Stagecoach Manchester are planning to link the Virgin Trains ITSO cards with the Stagecoach Smart tickets to allow Virgin Train passengers to use the ITSO cards to travel on Stagecoach Manchester services (a bit like a smartcard version of PlusBus)
    South West Trains smartcard reader

    • James McCollom says:

      We’ve had some tweet replies that suggest it may be for ITSO cards on Virgin Trains – apparently similar machines have been at Stockport station for a few months already.

  3. Watcherzero says:

    Volunteers have been doing a limited trial at Virgin stations for months.

  4. Davy says:

    The same readers were in place at Sheffield, Derby and stations around Nottingham when I visited recently. EMT perhaps?

  5. Contactless swipe-in/swipe-out payments for trains ? Nice idea, but how do you enforce it without causing massive queues at the barriers (like at Deansgate) ?

    “Can I see your ticket sir ?”
    “No, I swiped in and will swipe out wherever I get off”.

    … ?

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