Metrolink opens to Oldham

UntitledThe last train to Oldham Mumps ran on 3rd October 2009, since when commuters have had to rely on existing bus services to get to Manchester, albeit souped up with additional capacity. Thirty-two months later, on Wednesday this week, the first Metrolink tram operated in service on the converted railway alignment as far as a temporary station at Oldham Mumps – and 66 years since the last tram in the borough. There are seven intermediate stops on the line, at Monsall, Central Park, Newton Heath and Moston, Failsworth, Hollinwood, South Chadderton and Freehold; trams are every 12 minutes to Chorlton during the daytime; and you can win a year’s free travel by entering the TfGM prize draw.

If like me you’re desk-bound at the moment, the Manchester Evening News has a driver’s eye view of the Oldham line – though if you look closely enough, you’ll see it’s been filmed from the rear cab and then reversed in post-production! Expect the MEN to take a close interest in the service, as the Hollinwood stop is next-door to their offices – they’ll be even happier once the frequency is doubled to every 6 minutes when trams start operating through to Rochdale. When might that be? Through to Rochdale later this year, with the town centre extensions in Oldham and Rochdale by 2014.


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8 Responses to Metrolink opens to Oldham

  1. Shaun says:

    Got on the new line on the first day on Wednesday and there was a lot of interest on the route. Was good to finally have the trams in the area at long last. As an Oldhamer, I shall make use of the service, particularly as a return to Manchester is cheaper than First Manchester.

    And for those, wondering when the first disruption would happen, it was day 4 (Saturday morning), but only for about 30 mins. 81/81A, 82 and 83 are the services that Metrolink passengers will have to use when the line is disrupted.

  2. Neil Williams says:

    Looks like a proper heavyweight job, including a full set of new track, unlike the original rather scruffy half-job when Metrolink was first built. Well done…eventually! 🙂

  3. Shaun says:

    Oldham now has a Metroshuttle service linking the tram stop at Mumps with the bus station, which started today (Monday 30 July). That’s the good news, the bad news is that it only runs every 30 mins between 9.40am and 3.40pm daily, so doesn’t cater for the commuters.

  4. Cycling in Manchester is the way forward, quicker than the bus and tram and it keeps you fit!

    • Shaun says:

      Well, the Manchester Evening News did prove that a couple of months ago, when they held a transport race from Clegg Street in Oldham (next to old Town Hall and site of old bus station) to M,E.N. offices in Piccadilly Gardens. Bike narrowly beat car with tram 3rd and bus last. Would have been interesting to see the result for the reverse journey uphill though.

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