Oldham gains its first tentative Metroshuttle

Over at East of the M60, Stuart took a trip on a new Metroshuttle service for Oldham beginning this week: a daily half-hourly service 400 to link to the rather remote temporary Metrolink stop at Mumps.


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10 Responses to Oldham gains its first tentative Metroshuttle

  1. D9000 says:

    Would somebody like to tell TfGM and Traveline about this service? Thursday, and still no online info. Poor show.

    • Shaun says:

      Information is up at Oldham bus station and the leaflet is available from the Travelshop in Oldham.

      I do agree that the information needs to be online. Only available via the Oldham Council website and then blogs likes this and forums. Although, to be fair, the service only started at short notice, so they didn’t have time to have the information ready for the launch

      • D9000 says:

        I wonder what their excuse is now, when there is still no reference to it on the TfGM site? (it is on Traveline). Also, does anyone have a clue what is happening to the 183? Shown as withdrawn on First GM site … but (two!) timetables for it still being shown. Previous tt still up on Traveline. No reference to withdrawal on TfGM service changes … but the timetable leaflet has disappeared!

  2. James McCollom says:

    Hi D9000, it seems that Stagecoach are operating the 183 – timetable on their website, running through to Royal Oldham Hospital.

  3. Shaun says:

    There are notices including the times at Oldham bus station with buses to Limeside running from stand J and to the Royal Oldham Hospital from stand L. There is also a list of service changes posted in the bus station near stand J, which says ‘possible operator and timetable change’. All last minute stuff, by the looks of it. Ashton depot will run the 183 apart from one morning journey, which is Hyde Road and inter-works with a school service.

    Good to have another operator apart from First with some kind of presence in Oldham. Hope that Stagecoach might expand out more outside of its normal territory.

  4. D9000 says:


    The report linked above alleges that the 400 Oldham Metroshuttle increases to a 20 minute frequency as of today, using hybrid buses formerly used by Maytree on service 9. Rumour has it this may increase again to a 10-minute frequency. Nothing on Traveline yet, and the TfGM site is still completely innocent of any information about the service whatever.

    • D9000 says:

      Oldham Metroshuttle leaflet now on TfGM website (under Buses -> Metroshuttle) and showing correct timetable. Timetable on Traveline not amended yet, BUT, Traveline now has the new First Manchester timetables for 29th October.

      • Shaun says:

        Ahh, at least, been wondering when TfGM would put the Oldham Metroshuttle up on its website since the day it started back at the end of July. At least it now gives a bit more exposure to people from outside Oldham about the service.

  5. James McCollom says:

    Stuart V has taken some photos of the new vehicles in use.

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