Maytree replacements start to arrive

TfGM has announced that replacement operators for most Maytree Travel services have now been found. As most services they operated were contracted rather than commercial, this must have made life a little simpler as existing timetables will be used. The only fully commercial service (the 680 between Leigh and Shakerley) has not been replaced, but one routes has also been shortened where alternative services operate. Anyhow, time for some tables.

We’ve extrapolated the information announced between TfGM and other bus operators to create the tables below showing who will operate what, and from when. We’ve split the list into four to make it a little easier to read, based on the primary destination served—so that’s Bolton, Leigh, Wigan and “Elsewhere”. Not all operators have been announced yet, so we’ll update the table as and when further information becomes available.

Any corrections or additions most welcome, please leave a comment below. As ever, this information is supplied in good faith, contact TfGM or Traveline for full details and travel advice.

Last update: Tues 9th April @ 1300
Complete list now available – thanks to everyone who has helped!


# To Period Operator From
273 Rawtenstall Sundays Rossendalebus Sun 7th
507 Harwood Daily evenings First Mon 8th
510 Bury Evenings First Mon 8th
Sundays Arriva Sun 14th
Bury Daytimes Stagecoach Mon 8th
519 Johnson Fold Evenings First Mon 8th
525 Hall I’ th’ Wood Daytimes First Mon 8th
Evenings & Sundays Arriva Mon 8th
526 Barrow Bridge Daytimes Arriva Mon 8th
527 Halliwell Daytimes First Mon 8th
Evenings & Sundays Arriva Mon 8th
534 Oldhams Estate Evenings & Sundays Arriva Mon 8th
536 Breightmet Evenings & Sundays Stagecoach Mon 8th
Egerton Evenings & Sundays Arriva Mon 8th
544 Bradley Fold Daytimes Stagecoach Mon 8th
551 Leigh Evenings & Sundays South Lancs Fri 5th
553 Leigh Daytimes Stagecoach Mon 8th
559 Aspull Daytimes Stagecoach Mon 8th
Withins Daily evenings First Mon 8th
570 Sutton Estate Daytimes Arriva Mon 8th
Great Lever Daily evenings First Sun 7th
575 Horwich Evenings First Mon 8th
576 Wigan Evenings Stagecoach Mon 8th
Sunday evenings South Lancs Sun 14th
714 Aspull Daytimes Arriva Mon 8th
715 Wigan Evenings and Sundays Arriva Sun 7th


# To Period Operator From
516 Horwich Evenings South Lancs Fri 5th
Sunday daytimes Stagecoach Sun 14th
551 Bolton Evenings & Sundays South Lancs Fri 5th
553 Bolton Daytimes Stagecoach Mon 8th
583 Hag Fold Evenings Stagecoach Mon 8th
Sundays South Lancs Sun 7th
584 Crankwood Evenings South Lancs Fri 5th
Sunday daytimes Stagecoach Sun 14th
597 Infirmary, Sports Village, Boothstown Daytimes Stagecoach Mon 8th
Weekday evenings & Sundays South Lancs Fri 5th
680 Shakerley Daytimes No replacement n/a


# To Period Operator From
576 Bolton Evenings Stagecoach Mon 8th
Sunday evenings South Lancs Sun 14th
612 Wrightington Weekday evenings Wigan Buses Mon 8th
Weekend evenings South Lancs Sat 6th
622 Orrell Evenings Wigan Buses Mon 8th
Sundays South Lancs Sun 7th
715 Bolton Evenings and Sundays Arriva Sun 7th


# To From Period Operator From
31 Manchester Farnworth Daytimes First Mon 8th
95 Salford Whitefield
cut back from Bury
Daytimes First Mon 8th
96 Manchester Simister Daily Stagecoach Sun 7th
495 Prestwich Simister Daytimes Stotts Sat 6th

Yellow hybrid schoolbus services will be operated by First as of Monday 15th April, with coaches hired for next week that will be free to use. The vehicles for these are owned by TfGM, so students should notice little difference. Routes highlighted green in the above tables should also see little difference, as the hybrid vehicles operating these routes are also owned by TfGM and should transfer to the new operator(s).

Passengers with Maytree weekly tickets will be able to use them on Lancashire United route 1 on Saturday 6th April and on Rossendalebus service 273 on Sunday 7th April. TfGM state that Maytree weekly tickets will in fact be accepted on all replacement services.


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16 Responses to Maytree replacements start to arrive

  1. njlawley says:

    559 operated to Aspull, not Astley. It is surprising the commercial extension has not been incorporated into the tender as it was the only service between Hindley and Aspull (unless there’s been an oversight by TfGM’s media department) – I can see local Councillors kicking off at that. Yet, the 714 and 553 keep their formerly-commercial extensions!

    • James McCollom says:

      It may well be an oversight – I had to work through various contradictions based on the different contracts for the same route, naturally whilst drinking red wine and watching Rocky last night 🙂

  2. njlawley says:

    Another point, the 31 isn’t a hybrid route (although the 544 is), Maytree generally used Streetlites on the service (principally the two with all-over garb for some clinical study in Salford!)

    • James McCollom says:

      I’m leaving the 31 as is, as the TfGM timetable produced for the route states ecobuses in use – though yes, the pink minibus has been used a lot of late!

      • njlawley says:

        Not surprising, hybrids were turning up on the 597 over the last month or so, and that isn’t a hybrid route.

        Got some info on what Stagecoach has, although ones marked ** mean I don’t know what part of the service:

        516 (Sunday daytime)
        536 (evenings and/or Sundays **)
        576 (evenings and/or Sundays **)
        583 (M-S evenings)
        584 (Sunday daytimes)
        597 (M-S daytimes)

        The 512/513 and 96 are being operated from Middleton, the others from Wigan.

  3. BJ says:

    The 612/622 Wigan Circulars are cobvered by Wigan Buses in the evenings Monday – Saturday

    • James McCollom says:

      Thanks BJ – we hear Stotts are operating the 495, so that about wraps up everything (everything else Arriva) – I’ll update the table this evening.

  4. David Kelly says:

    the unknown are Arriva, 559 is going to Aspull

  5. Shaun says:

    TfGM’s timetable webpage now displays the replacement operators for each service (displayed as a little note just above each PDF link)

  6. James McCollom says:

    Thanks to everyone who has helped – much appreciated!

  7. Kane says:

    Hows taking over the 680.

  8. brian brelsford says:

    Hi peeps,
    i’m looking for anyone with information on a big yellow bus registration number YJ61CKC it was a maytree bus but i have been informed it may be a first bus now can any body shed any lite on this for me please.

    very many thanks

  9. Luis says:

    Is this blog dead?

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